Surly Gurls Predict the Emmy Winners

Awards season is upon us once again. And to kick it all off is a celebration of one of our most favourite things in the world – television!

Everyone in the T.V. industry will be getting all gussied up for the evening’s events and we can’t wait to see what hilarious host Jane Lynch will be wearing. She cleans up real pretty-like compared to her insane character’s collection of tracksuits on Glee.

But let’s face it people, the best part of the entire awards season is to make bets with your friends on who’s going to win each category. Not to mention it’s a great excuse to buy mass amounts of junk food and booze and hangout on the couch all night yelling at the T.V.

Here are the major categories – you know the ones that will actually get aired – and who both of us think will win. Or in some cases that we think SHOULD win.

Outstanding Comedy Series

WhitneyModern Family – Almost the entire cast is nominated for their acting, they have one writing nomination and three directing nominations. Even though I really, really wish someone would show a little love for Parks and Recreation one of these days. That show is genius.

AndreaModern Family – The collection of quirky and over-the-top characters is a virtual jackpot of comedy gold! The fact that anyone who even walked by the set is nominated seems to indicate that Emmy has noticed this as well.

Outstanding Lead Actor – Comedy

WhitneyJim Parsons – I dare anyone to find a character more hilarious than Sheldon Cooper. Not to mention the fact that you can hate, love and feel bad for him all at the same time is amazing. Although, I have a feeling they may throw this award at Carell as it is the last time he’ll be nominated for The Office.

AndreaSteve Carell – Let’s face it; Steve Carell made this show. He’s been nominated year after year and has yet to win. Hopefully this Sunday Steve Carell will get the one thing that Michael Scott so desperately wanted – some love!

Outstanding Lead Actress – Comedy

WhitneyAmy Poehler – This is a purely biased, probably wrong, choice and I don’t care. I want her to win. It’s time to share the wealth Tina Fey.

AndreaMartha Plimpton – From fiercely sarcastic to oddly naïve and sincere, she is always hilarious and passionate. I wish I could be friends with her character Virginia Chance in real life … sadly that is not the case. So, to soften that blow, I would give Martha the statue!

Outstanding Supporting Actor – Comedy

WhitneyEric Stonestreet – When four out of the six people nominated are all from the same show, it’s kind of a crapshoot picking which one will win. Confession time – I’ve only ever seen two episodes of Modern Family. Stonestreet’s character was my fave in those two episodes, so he’s my choice by default.

AndreaChris Colfer – He won the Golden Globe this year and Kurt Hummel was really one of the only things worth watching in this season of Glee.  Besides, I think that plethora of actors from Modern Family will cancel themselves out.

Outstanding Supporting Actress – Comedy

WhitneyKristen Wiig – This is yet another of those categories that is going to fuck me over in our battle to see who gets the most picks right. And I don’t really care. Wiig’s delivery of lines kills me, she has amazing timing.

AndreaJane Lynch – As I just stated, there wasn’t very much going on with Glee this year, but Sue Sylvester is always entertaining. She gets all the best lines and doesn’t so much deliver them as spits them out with unparalleled venom. Besides, it’s a good idea to keep the host happy.

Outstanding Drama Series

WhitneyGame of Thrones – I think they will acknowledge the massive success of HBO’s genre epic even though it’s up against some HUGE competition. Not to mention, somehow everything HBO touches results in little gold statuettes so why would this be any different?

AndreaMad Men – This program has been named ‘Outstanding Drama Series’ every year it has been on the air. I don’t expect anything to change this year. It is a smart, well-crafted show that is a darling with the critics.

Outstanding Lead Actor – Drama

WhitneySteve Buschemi – If Hugh Laurie wins one more of these things I may destroy Andrea’s fancy T.V.! Boardwalk Empire is an amazing program and Buschemi is perfect as a prohibition era gangster.

AndreaJon Hamm – Nominated every year for his performance, yet he has never won?! That doesn’t seem right. He even brought a lot of ‘Don Draper’ to the big screen with his character in “Bridesmaids”. I think this will be his year to take home the Emmy.
(…and I just noticed that my precious television may be in jeopardy! So, I also hope that House goes home empty-handed!)

Outstanding Lead Actress – Drama

WhitneyJulianna Margulies – I still have no idea who watches this show, or why, but I have a feeling that Margulies will win this one. And to be honest, I don’t really care either way. This category is lacking in both shows and characters that I have any interest in at all.

AndreaJulianna Margulies – I also can’t seem to find anyone who watches or likes this show but somehow it keeps getting renewed and showered in critical acclaim. It’s like the ‘CREED’ of the television lineup. Personally, I think she should have dumped Mr. Big in the first episode.

Outstanding Supporting Actor – Drama

WhitneyAlan Cumming – There seems to be a theme in the drama category for me. Again, I don’t really care about any of the nominations for this award. I like Alan Cumming in other things he’s done, so I’ve picked him. Not very in depth thinking, I know, but that’s all you’re getting from me.

AndreaAlan Cumming – His little recurring role has since been promoted to a regular due to the fact he is awesome! Alan Cumming is always a standout and that should prove to be the same in this category.

Outstanding Supporting Actress – Drama

WhitneyChristina Hendricks – She’s hot and she was on Firefly. That’s going to get my vote every time. Pretty much, I don’t care who wins this as long as it’s not Christine Baranski – I don’t know why, but I just can’t stand that woman.

AndreaMichelle Forbes – This was a tough choice between Margo Martindale and Forbes. Both characters are struggling with the untimely death of a child and that sounds like Emmy Gold, but I’m going with Forbes.

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program

WhitneyThe Amazing Race – This is the only show on this list that doesn’t make me want to rip my eyes out/ears off every time it comes on the screen. At least people might learn something from it. I will keep my reality T.V. rant for another time.

AndreaThe Amazing Race – Hmmm … a show in which competitors must traverse the globe and complete various challenges or a show that requires contestants to successfully navigate a catwalk or D-List ‘celebrities’ to learn a few dance steps. The Amazing Race is one of the diamonds in wasteland of reality television.

Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series

WhitneyThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart – This is really the only late night talk show that I watch with any kind of regularity. The rest of them are all pretty funny (except you Bill Maher, I just want you to shut up already) but Stewart has just that little bit extra that I love.

AndreaThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart – I love Jon Stewart. I love him as a talk show host. I love him as a writer. I love him as an actor. I love him as a person. Hands down, he’s the best!


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  1. I have never seen “Game of Thrones” or “Mad Men” or “Boardwalk Empire” and I really want to see them…I have heard such good things. Actually I have never seen any of these shows! Except for “Glee” which I had to sit through a marathon of once while at Kristen’s house….and I HATED it. Other than that…I used to watch “House” faithfully, but it has gotten crappy lately. And of course I have also seen a ton of episodes of SNL…but that it all. Not that my personal TV watching habits has anything to do with the Emmys. Ahem. That is all. As you were.

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