Box Office Results · September 18, 2011

The Lion King’ apparently didn’t get enough of the Box Office crown back in 1994. The 3D re-release pounced onto the top spot over the weekend earning almost $30M. In case your mental math is as poor as mine – that’s more than the other three new movies combined!
Probably due to the fact there has been a bit of a dry spell for family-friendly movies at the ol’ movieplex over the last few weeks. So, Simba’s timing couldn’t have been better, unless of course you want to go see ‘The Smurfs’ again.

Despite the critical acclaim, Drive stalled in its opening week. Though it was not able to overtake Contagion, it did manage to drive away with $11M, almost earning its $13M budget.

Straw Dogs’ and ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ didn’t fair as well. Both were criticized for being boring and forgettable and as a result moviegoers stayed away. Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t even able to claw her way into the top 5.

Also, purely for my own entertainment, I’ll update you on the status of ‘Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star’; ticket sales took a 73.1% nosedive and averaged about $250 per theatre. Yikes! To date, the total gross for the Nick Swardson bomb is just over $2M.

Movie Title

Weekend Gross (est.)

Weeks in

01 The Lion King (in 3D) $29,300,000 1
02 Contagion $14,480,000 2
03 Drive (2011) $11,019,000 1
04 The Help $6,438,000 6
05 Straw Dogs (2011) $5,000,000 1
06 I Don’t Know How She Does It $4,502,000 1
07 The Debt $2,946,000 3
08 Warrior $2,770,000 2
09 Rise of the Planet of the Apes $2,625,000 7
10 Colombiana $2,300,000 4

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  1. I love The Lion King…but I am not about to go out and pay $13 to see it in 3D.

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