Thursday Nights T.V. Premieres!

It’s the big one people! There are a ton of premieres tonight, and it’s going to be one full of laughs!

The Big Bang Theory is back, which means Whitney’s disturbing crush on Sheldon Cooper can thrive again. And, we can find out what happens with that whole Penny and Raj thing.

However, the big thrill tonight will be NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup with Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office and Whitney.

Oh yeah, and Charlie’s Angels, Person of Interest and Prime Suspect start tonight. Good luck with that. They all look weak, and Maria Bello better realize she’s stepping into Dame Helen Mirren’s shoes, so she better not eff that up!

It’s gonna be a good night people!

8 PM

Charlie’s Angels (ABC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Community (NBC)

8:30 PM

Parks and Recreation (NBC)

9 PM

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
Person of Interest (CBS)
The Office (NBC)

9:30 PM

Whitney (NBC)

10 PM

The Mentalist (CBS)
Prime Suspect (NBC)


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  1. I read in the Globe and Mail that Charlie’s Angels is one of the worst new shows of the season. This is what they said:

    “to be avoided at all costs:

    Charlie’s Angels (ABC, CTV, Thursdays, starts Sept. 22)

    Just why somebody revived the jiggle fest from the seventies without adding humour is a mystery. Utterly bland, nonsensical TV, the pilot contains some of the worst dialogue in recent TV history. Three unlucky leading ladies look bored”.

    Ha! ha! ha!

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