Monday Nights T.V. Premieres!

We’re really trying to control the urge to make jokes about just how long it’s taken for Terra Nova to FINALLY be aired. You know things about ice ages and eons and all that. It’s just too easy.

But, the wait is over friends! Tonight is the night that we see if going back to the land before time can actually save the future of humanity. But really, Andrea just wishes she could live with the dinosaurs for a little while. We’ll find out if the wait is worth it tonight in the 2-hour premiere!

Also starting tonight, we get to see Melissa McCarthy’s Molly return after her big Emmy win, see if anyone buys Summer Roberts as a down-to-earth doctor and catch up on all the Gossip.

8 PM

Gossip Girl (CW)
Terra Nova (FOX) (2 hours)

9 PM

Hart of Dixie (CW)

9:30 PM

Mike and Molly (CBS)


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  1. Is Terra Nova the first photo? There wasn’t a caption.
    anyway, that looks like the only one worth watching.

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