Whitney’s Love Letter To Firefly

So yesterday I read an article about Sean Maher, and his revealing that he is gay on his new show ‘The Playboy Club’. (

The ensuing words of support and love from the rest of the ‘Firefly’ cast on Twitter reminded me of why a show that lasted only one season has become such a big part of who I am.

Some people think that letting a television show influence the person you are is a laughable thing. They think that your life must be empty of anything else, which is far from the truth, at least in my case.

What I learned most on ‘Firefly’ is that family isn’t just who lives in your house. It’s the people who you choose to have around you. It can turn out that your family is a bunch of outcasts, people who couldn’t find a place for themselves in society who have all come together from different places to form a new family.

There are shows that you just know right away that you will fall in love with it, and ‘Firefly’ was definitely one of those. I loved the fact that the show didn’t center on the war between the Alliance and the Browncoats. It was merely about their day-to-day lives, trying to stay afloat (pun not intended, though good none the less!) long after the battle had been lost. It was about their will to survive and keep on doing exactly what they had been fighting for in the first place, being free. And who can’t relate to that?

However, the greatest part of ‘Firefly’ was the characters. From the moment I saw Wash play with his dinosaurs or Jayne fondle his guns I knew that I loved them for completely different reasons. Their characters were more than just one-dimensional caricatures of a personality-type. The best thing about any of the characters that the genius, Joss Whedon, creates is that you can’t help but grow attached to them immediately.

How could I not fall in love with Malcolm Reynolds? His steadfast hold on what was right and wrong was unshakable. Even when he was thieving and smuggling. He loved his crew – his family – and his ship more than anything in the world. He would die fighting for any of the people who called Serenity home. He was a leader that actually deserved to lead and who did so humbly and without abusing it.

Jayne was a mercenary who you knew would never change completely, but you could see that somewhere beneath his sexual innuendo and gun-worship there was a real heart in there. Zoe’s dedication to the Captain was just further proof of the kind of man he was, especially once you realized she was probably tougher than both Malcolm and Jayne.

But, for me, the character I most identified with and ultimately still miss, was Kaylee. Her unstoppable enthusiasm and positive thinking was what kept the crew from turning on each other on more than one occasion. She loved openly, cried without shame and knew exactly who she was from the very beginning. She even spent most of her time in the physical heart of Serenity, tinkering with the machines and listening to what the ship itself needed. She kept them flying.

As a fan, one of the greatest things about ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity’ is the knowledge that our beloved characters’ love for each other didn’t end when the final scene was committed to film. Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarin banter back and forth on Twitter like sisters. And, when Sean Maher revealed to the world who he truly was the crew of the Serenity was there to back him up and support him just like they would have done for his character, Simon.

So thank you all, for making this outcast feel like a part of the family, no matter how short-lived it may have been.

I’ll be in my bunk.


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  1. Whitney, you are my favourite outcast !!! 🙂 I wish we would have gone to grade school together. We would have formed an Outcast Gang and showed all those bitchy, stuck-up snobs who was boss! ! !

  2. Firefly is still one of the most remarkable series ever that was cut short oh so prematurely. Whedon really created something special. And ‘Serenity’ (my entry to this series) is a marvelous film follow-up. Great post. Thanks.

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