Wednesday Nights T.V. Premieres!

After a night off from the fall premiere extravaganza, we’re back tonight with two new shows! ABC is the only station with any premieres tonight and they are sandwiching the wildly popular ‘Modern Family’, so hopefully that will pull in some ratings for them.

8:30 PM

First up is ‘Suburgatory’, a sitcom about how terrible it is in the suburbs compared to how awesome it is in Manhattan. Not groundbreaking stuff, but form the trailers it looks like it could be decently funny. One thing that may take some getting used to: seeing the idiot who tries to take advantage of Cher from ‘Clueless’ as a responsible father figure. Plus, Alan Tudyk is in it, and Whitney will watch pretty much anything her beloved ‘Firefly’ cast members are in!

9:30 PM

The other half-hour premiere tonight belongs to ABC’s returning comedy, ‘Happy Endings’. This comedy about how breakups don’t just affect the people in the ruined relationship, but their friends as well. It looks a little kooky, but not quite kooky enough for us to miss the cat-fighting and glamour of ‘America’s Next Top Model’!


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  1. “Happy Endings” looks like boring drivel.

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