Monday Nights T.V. Premiere!

Okay, so we missed a day. Whoops! Whitney was away at a conference for her “real life” job listening to lots of corporate propaganda and drinking lots of free booze. So not to bad really. Andrea was away visiting friends, and probably drinking far too much as well. So we apologize to you for not letting you know that ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ premiered last night. How will you ever know what dumb child video won the money now?! But we actually do feel bad for not promoting Showtime’s premieres last night, ‘Dexter’ and ‘Homeland’. Those are actually worth watching!

Tonight is a light one however, just one lonely premiere over on Fox tonight. It’s the return of ‘House’. Now, we haven’t watched house since Kutner killed himself, but we’re sure it’s still a great show to those who have stuck with it. So for you out there who are still watching the surliest doctor on t.v. save the people he can’t stand, tune in tonight at 9 PM!


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We’re two SurlyGurls brought together by a love of all things awesome and an equal hate of all things which are an affront to awesomeness everywhere.

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  1. House used to be a great show. Not so much any more.

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