Friday Nights T.V. Premiere!

Oh Syfy, you have some of the most amazingly bad programming on television! Some of it travels right on past bad into it’s so bad its good. We all love ‘Sharktopus’ for its obvious cheese-factor, well done on that one!

Tonight however, is the premiere of one the just plain terrible shows, ‘Sanctuary’. We really wanted to like it. It seems perfect for us. Science Fiction. Monsters. A secret agency. But, it just never hooked us.

It has however hooked quite a lot of people, so the Season 4 premiere will be tonight at 10 PM for those of you who just can’t get enough of Amanda Tapping’s accent.


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  1. Of course all the shows on SyFy are terrible! Most sci-fi shows are lame rip-offs of other sci-fi shows that are only slightly better.

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