Casualties of the Fall 2011 Television Season…So Far

The casualties of the Fall 2011 television season are coming in fast and furious now! So, we just wanted to give you an update.

CBS has just been tossed ‘How to Be a Gentleman’  into the mass grave of the season with NBC’s ‘Playboy Club’, ‘Free Agents’ and the CW’s ‘H8TER’.

Also on Death Watch are ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ ‘A Gifted Man’ and ‘Prime Suspect’. Hopefully, none of these are among your favourites because not only are they probably not long for this world… it means you have terrible taste in television.

Now we don’t want to gloat, but let’s take this opportunity to remind you all that we said all those shows were junk way back when! And we hadn’t even seen them yet! Granted, they were all pretty easy predictions.

Speaking of easy cancellation predictions; Tim Allen’s offensive and unfunny sitcom ‘Last Man Standing‘ starts this Tuesday and we are pretty excited to see just how terrible it actually is!!

Reactions? Predictions for other cancellations? Leave a comment!


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  1. msperfectpatty

    I think charlie’s angels and a gifted man are out for sure, I’ve seen those, I can’t speak about prime suspect because I never found any interest in wanting to watch it…or maybe that’s why I haven’t. I just wrote a post about a gifted man myself, but I believe your predictions are right on target!

  2. msperfectpatty

    I would also say Pan Am is going too.

  3. I “tivo”ed the first episode of Free Agents and have yet to watch it… Just have not felt like it. I guess that is a bad sign for a show… even people who are curious about it aren’t curious enough to watch.
    I did enjoy Pan Am though… but it is on a tough night. Sunday night shows always have it rough.
    I did check out H8er and it was pretty bad. Too bad… it actually had a decent message.

  4. I would also be interested to see how terrible that Tim Allen show really is.

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