Hate Mail: Last Man Standing

American Broadcasting Company
4020 Radford Avenue
Bungalow 17
Studio City, CA 91604

RE: Last Man Standing

October 11, 2011

We just tuned in to watch the premiere episode of ‘Last Man Standing’ and hated it even more than we ever imagined was even possible! Every single moment of which it was broadcast was offensive. It’s as if your company was transmitting pure, concentrated ignorant hatred across the airwaves.

In the first five minutes, the wife and daughters are anticipating the big “Tool Man’s” glorious return home from a business trip and no time is wasted making them all look like complete idiots. Oh, correction; the only one that is not really painted with the ‘idiot brush’ is the tomboy daughter. Shocking!

Finally, when the man of the house does arrive home, fresh from his trip to Alaska, he throws a giant fish down on the kitchen table and tells the wife to cook it up while he has a shower! Not to mention, the daughters have been sitting there working on a “Welcome Home Dad!” poster to which he paid no attention before walking away.

Not surprisingly, Nancy Travis’ character is an obvious alcoholic. Over the course of the one-hour premiere event there were only two scenes in which she didn’t have a glass of wine in her hand. Once when it was a cup of coffee…that was full of rum and the second was when she was nursing a grape juice box because the baby-proofing on the wine cabinet proved too complicated for her to figure out. What a charming depiction of an all-American nuclear family.

Unfortunately for us viewers, Mike Baxter is just as self-centered, obnoxious and reprehensible at work as he is at home. Personally, we don’t think that threatening your co-workers in the workplace with loaded weapons is all that funny. It wasn’t funny when Bruce Willis did it in ‘Armageddon’ and it isn’t funny now. But, maybe we should lighten up, it’s not like America has issues with people continuously coming into work and shooting up the place or anything.

Mike Baxter is a sexist, racist, homophobic intolerant bastard the likes of which haven’t been seen on television since Archie Bunker back in the ‘All in the Family’ days. And for the record, we didn’t care much for that guy either!

Half-hour sitcoms should not revolve around humiliating and degrading characters based solely on their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or what language they speak.

That’s not comedy; it’s borderline hate crime.

We loathe this show! There is really no cute, clever or otherwise more articulate way to phrase it. This show was just awful. ‘Last Man Standing’ is mean-spirited right to its very foundation.

If there is any hope for humanity; you will remove this atrocity from your prime time schedule as soon as possible.

The SurlyGurls


About surlygurls

We’re two SurlyGurls brought together by a love of all things awesome and an equal hate of all things which are an affront to awesomeness everywhere.

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  1. And what must be remembered is that Archie Bunker from ‘All in the Family’, as obnoxious as he was, was WRITTEN to be that way. HE was the butt of the joke as he was constantly outsmarted by women, minorities, everyone. He was meant to be a stupid moron, that was the joke. I’m afraid this show contains no such irony.

    • That’s true, a very good point. I think our issue with ‘All in the Family’ was that Carroll O’Connor’s performance was so good. We just found it so frustrating to watch.

  2. COMPLETELY. But at least the writers meant for us to hate him…not see him as some sort of man-hero. Tim Allen is just the kind of bright spark to take a show like that in all the wrong ways.

  3. Well put. I hope that one of you actually sent that letter. i am really surprised that that show even made it to television.

  4. we think the show is funny,but the laugh track spoils the show.

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