It Was Sixty Years Ago Today – I Love Lucy Premiered on T.V.

Sixty years ago CBS debuted their brand new show, a comedy about an awkward, clumsy, hilarious women and her smooth talking, entertainer husband. It was the day that ‘I Love Lucy’ hit the airwaves and has pretty much never left them.

As a kid Whitney would watch reruns of ‘I Love Lucy’ with her dad at lunchtime. Even though it was in black and white and was off the air long before she was even that proverbial twinkle in her parent’s eyes, she loved it. There was something about Lucille Ball’s quirky mannerisms that she related to.

Still to this day ‘I Love Lucy’ is syndicated in many different languages, in many different countries. People still love the true comic genius of Lucille Ball. She is an icon and probably one of the most famous red heads of all time!

Arguably, the most beloved and most memorable episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ was the one in which Lucy and her gal-pal Ethyl end up working the line in a chocolate factory. Hilarity ensues when the line moves far too quickly for the ladies to keep up and they start stuffing their faces with chocolate. It was genius in its simplicity.

So, here is a heartfelt thank you to Lucille Ball and the rest of the cast of ‘I Love Lucy’ for giving us an amazing comedy that has lasted throughout the years!

Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!


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  1. Yes, that chocolate factory episode was hilarious.

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