Whatever Happened To…Discarded Supporting Characters

Over the weekend we decided to throw away a little bit of cash and see ‘The Thing’ (2011). It was actually pretty entertaining, in a disgusting-humans-morphing-into-one-another and aliens-ripping-people-apart kind of way.

One thing we were left thinking as yet left the theatre – aside from questioning if we had spent our money wisely – was what the hell happened to Colin (Jonathon Lloyd Walker)?

We saw him hiding from the grotesque tentacle monster in a pivotal mid-movie scene, only to never see him again. Did the Thing kill him? Did he manage to escape into the icy Antarctic tundra? Is he still cowering in the smoldering ashes of their research facility? We’ll never know because of poor editing.

How can a movie that cost them approximately $35 million overlook an entire character? We understand continuity errors, but this is a major oversight from people who are paid big money to make sure this exact thing doesn’t happen. Cutting unimportant scenes from a movie to make sure it stays within budget or keeps it under four hours long is understandable. But they have essentially robbed a character of either his untimely demise, or his heroic moment of glory! Poor Colin.

He’s not the first character to meet this fate. Another recent example of such an editing blunder is ‘Piranha 3D’s’ Andrew Cunningham (Paul Scheer). Skeezy, douchebag photographer on the fictional Girls-Gone-Wild-esque website is last seen cruising around the lake on a boat surrounded by lots of titties! Sounds alright really, but when the boat gets attacked by the prehistoric, people-eating piranha babies he’s not so lucky.

Or is he?! We don’t know because we never see what happens to him. Everyone else gets either eaten or escapes the fearsome fishies. Not to mention, the aforementioned titty boat starts making it’s slow descent to the bottom of the lake as the escapees decide to blow it to pieces. We just never see creepy ol’ Andrew ever again.

Movie editors aren’t the only ones slacking on the job. Television shows are just as guilty of introducing characters and losing interest in them. The top offender in this case was ‘Heroes’. That shit-show had more characters than every other show on the NBC prime time line up combined and they didn’t actually give a shit about anyone other than Sylar and Claire!

Do you remember Peter Petrelli’s Irish girlfriend, Caitlin (Katie Carr)? Neither does he apparently, as he left her for dead in a future timeline never to speak of her ever again.

Once the Season Two shit-spiral started continuity went out the door! If we were to talk about all the epic plot holes in that show we would be here until time caught up with our lost girl Caitlin, and frankly, even we don’t care about her that much.

If we’re going to invest both our time and money in this fictional world you’re creating and suspend our disbelief, the very least you can do is make sure you give us the closure we need before you roll the credits.


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  1. The guy from the thing movie dies, when the girl and the American guy are searching for the creature your hear a scream its Colin and if you stayed after 1 min. Of trailers you would see his dead body and the guys who were called to help arrive and lars tries to kill his dog that takes off running

  2. Good point…but I didn’t remember the photographer guy from Pirhana in the first place…maybe they figured that he was so forgettable anyway that it didn’t matter.

  3. The scream heard by Kate and Carter was the Character of Sander just as he is assimilated. they cut briefly to Colin after that looking frightened but they never show how and why he decides to kill himself. The small shot of him frozen and post suicide doesn’t tell us anything about his fate we didn’t already know from the Carpenter film. Therefore your original point is valid. They apparently shot his death but then made the impossible to justify decision in post to cut the scene. It is the biggest flaw of the film since the director and editors made decisions to gut the film of character scenes in order to show more creature effects. Foolish and unsatisfying…Colin in particular deserved better.

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