What Stays In Vegas…Top 10 Sin City Icons

Las Vegas is like a vortex of Pop Culture. It’s a collection of entertainment’s left overs, forgotten icons and the hottest heiresses. And, next week it will also be the home base for the SurlyGurls! We’ll be settling into the Luxor for a few days to get away from our day jobs and of course to drink and get Cra-zay!

In honour of this little trip and our upcoming blogs from Sin City, we’d like to pay homage to the entertainers, great and otherwise, who have become synonymous with Las Vegas.

10. The Killers:

They are modern Las Vegas – glam and gorgeous. Aware that there is a lot about their hometown that is WAY over the top and able to embrace it without making a mockery of themselves. The Killers have created a live show that embodies all of the greatest parts of Vegas.

9. Cirque Du Soleil:

You can’t turn around in Las Vegas without seeing a poster for Cirque Du Soleil. On any given night there are at least 3 different shows you can experience, once at 7 pm and again at 9 pm! They must employee a huge portion of the workers in Las Vegas. We’re going to see ‘Zumanity‘ next week and Andrea’s delicate sensitivities are going to be put to the test!

8. Sigfried and Roy:

Even though most people can’t remember back past the horrible tiger attack in 2003 that ended their show, they are one of the most recognizable Las Vegas acts of all time. They even received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! We have to admit, of all the shows here, this is the one we most regret not getting to see! It’s magic…and tigers!!!

7. Cher:

Her outfits alone are worthy of Las Vegas’ showgirls – even before she set up shop at Ceasar’s Palace the first time in the ‘80s! Her show is one of the single most popular shows in recent history to take place in Sin City.

6. Wayne Newton:

Mr. Las Vegas. He’s made a career out of being a cheesy lounge singer, good for him. He’s the living joke on this list. And the greatest thing is, he knows it, embraces it and uses it to his benefit to keep on raking in the crowds. There is something to be said for someone who will do anything to stay famous. He’s like the personification of Las Vegas.

5. Frank Sinatra:

He’s pretty much the smoothest cat ever to grace those pile of bricks on Fremont Street. He and the rest of the Rat Pack pretty well owned the joint back in the 1960’s. Old Blue Eyes was an icon amongst icons and was the leader of one of the most influential entertainment acts of all time.

4. Tom Jones:

It’s not unusual to see Tommy on a list like this! He’s the one your mom’s threw their knickers at when they were your age. He was THE sex symbol of Las Vegas for a real long time, tempting his almost all female crowds with his open shirts and tight, tight pants. Oh Tom, you sly old Welsh-man.

3. Showgirls:

What den of inequity would be complete without hot girls in next-to-nothing outfits? Back in the days of Wild West adventure and gold mining these were the ladies brought in to entertain the men at night. Once the Strip got rolling in the 1940’s and 1950’s things got real crazy with the advent of topless shows. Who doesn’t love topless ladies?

2. Elvis Presley:

The King! We all know Elvis was THE shit back in the day. He had a 7-year run in Las Vegas from 1969-1976. He was so popular that impersonators still plague the city to this day! You can even get married by him at most of the cheap chapels in town.

1. Ben ‘Bugsy’ Siegel:

He’s like the Godfather of The Strip. He brought Hollywood to Vegas. He essentially strong-armed his mentor into “giving” him The Flamingo, almost ran it into the ground and then made it the success it is even today. Everything else built up around it, leaving poor old Fremont Street in the dust.

After completing this list we are EVEN more excited about our rendezvous with Sin City! Don’t forget to check in next week. It’s gonna  be exciting!!

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  1. I really wish I was going to Las Vegas again. The awesomeness of the place almost blew my mind the first time we all went.

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