Under the Tree Treasures · For Her


Make sure your files survive space and time

We all hate going back to work after all the turkey and stuffing and presents of the holiday season. Why not make your cubicle-bound cutie a little more excited about staring at her computer all day?

While this TARDIS USB hub won’t allow to travel through time or space, it will allow you to save time and make space on your computer’s hard drive. Depending on the office, you can even set the TARDIS to make it’s dematerialization noises when adding or removing files.

We can’t guarantee though, that your girl won’t take every chance to day dream about meeting her very own Gallifreyan guide to the universe. Because let’s face it ladies, The Doctor is one alien we would love to be stuck in a phone box with. (Whitney’s note – Mr. Tennant, I’m looking at you!)

Doctor Who TARDIS 4 Port USB Hub – ($45.99)

Under the Tree Treasures · For Him


Dark and atmospheric...just the way the Dark Knight should be

Now, we’re am going to go ahead and assume that your geeky guy plays video games. We don’t know what console your boyfriend has, but we’re going to assume it’s not a Nintendo Wii as that is a baby platform. It may as well be called the Nintendo Speak ‘N’ Spell.

But, moving right along. Here are Andrea’s top picks of some awesome video games that will surely be on his ‘must have’ list. May she also suggest getting out of the house for a while, unless you want to hear him constantly yelling into a headset about how he’s “going to pwn some n00bs”!

Batman: Arkham City
[XBOX 360, PS3, PC]

Follow up to the hugely popular and acclaimed ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’, this game incorporates beautifully atmospheric cinematics, satisfying combat and a multitude of side quests in order to make this a top-notch gaming experience.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

This PS3 exclusive title is the third game in the Uncharted series. PlayStation Official Magazine (UK) stated in their review that it was not only the best on PS3, but also one of the best in gaming history. Wow! Just Wow! The gift of this suspenseful and intense action-adventure masterpiece is bound to win you some brownie points!

Saints Row: The Third
[XBOX 360, PS3, PC]

This game is just fun in the most basic sense. Everything about this instalment in the series is over-the-top and outrageous! It allows your character an incredible amount of freedom and has an open-environment that rivals that of the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ games. Insane weapons and vehicles just add to the experience. Concerned that your boyfriend hasn’t played the previous games? No worries! No prior knowledge is required to enjoy this game.

And just in case your special guy comes home and does chill out on a Wii… I recommend ‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’  [Wii]

A prequel to the wildly popular and praised ‘Ocarina of Time’, this game has some big Pegasus Boots to fill. But, I have a special place in my heart for this series of games and don’t expect this title to disappoint either.

Best Buy Video Games – Various Titles ($39.99 – $59.99)


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  1. I has a Wii and it taut me how to speel reel guud.

  2. You can get the TARDIS hub cheaper on Thinkgeek I’M JUST SAYING. xo

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