Hanson – All grown up and selling beer!

“In an mmmbop they’re gone. In an mmmbop they’re not there.”

That’s what most of the world thinks of the 90s boyband Hanson. They got lucky with that monster hit ‘mmmBop’ and then their 15 minutes were up. But don’t be mistaken! Those kids are all grown up and the now rock trio manages their own independent music label, which releases a wide array of branded products in addition to all their albums. To date the group has released eight studio albums! Yeah, eight!

The ever-evolving Hanson announced at a talk last week that it has plans to release its own brand of Indian pale ale… and here’s the best part – they plan on calling it “MmmHop”.
Yes, you read that correctly. They took their most popular song title and essentially made it the name of a beer!

Now, I do enjoy a good brewski, in fact, I had a couple tonight. But, I also know that some of the lady folk aren’t exactly fond of the taste of beer. So, exactly who is the target market for this product!? No self-respecting man in the world will order the thing and many women don’t even drink the stuff.

Also, I doubt there is any market research in the world that indicates just because you are willing to buy a band’s album means you’ll also buy an adult beverage with their name slapped on it. Especially since the name of the product is absolutely ridiculous!!

Nonetheless, MmmHop is due out in early 2012.

(The more I read about what is scheduled to happen next year makes me more and more certain it’s going to be game over in December.)

Reactions? Would you be caught dead drinking an MmmHop beer?


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  1. BernieLuvsEllen

    What a dashing photo that is. LOL I don’t like beer though lol The smell of it is sickening lol

  2. mmmmHop? I am tempted to think you made that up, SurlyGurl! It is ridiculous. You’re right – guys won’t buy it, and a lot of girls don’t like beer. Also, how in the hell have hanson made 8 albums?? Who buys them????

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