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The iPhone 4S makes yet another gadget obsolete...sorry Nikon and Canon

We’re sure the iPhone 4s is probably the single most sought out gift of the year. That Siri program makes us wish our phones were that intuitive. But what about those nerds who lined up to get the newest iProduct?

Your beloved shutter bug can now turn the already impressive 8MP camera into a virtual DSLR camera with this fancy phone case from the people over at Not only does the sturdy aluminium case protect your precious phone, it allows you to attach your Nikon or Canon SLR lenses, making your actual camera essentially useless.

The case also comes with a strap you can attach for – as the website says – allowing you to carry it around your neck like a real camera. Let us just say, if we ever saw anyone doing this, we would have to mock them mercilessly. It’s still just your phone people! – iPhone 4S SLR Case – ($249) 

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The weather outside is frightful, but you will still be able to text up a storm!

Any nerd in the colder climates knows it is a real bitch trying to use any of your many devices outside in the horrible frigid cold!! The touchscreen won’t work with gloves and removing the gloves… Yikes! No one should have to risk frostbite just so they can tweet about the embarrassing  drunk outside the local Starbucks!!

As someone who is more than a little familiar with the lower temperatures, I will tell you right now the gadget-gloves that simply fold back the tips of the index finger and thumb are just not good enough! I don’t want any bit of me exposed to the harsh winter elements while I play ‘Fruit Ninja‘, dammit!!

So, leave it to the good folks at The North Face to understand that desire to not freeze to death and come up with the fingertip-replicating “Xstatic fingercaps”. Thanks to this conductive fibre wizardry, the digital world will be at your fingertips once again!!

“Not today, hypothermia! Not today!” – Touchscreen Gloves ($40.00)


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  1. I don’t understand the first one. Where is the actual case? And can someone tell me what SLR stands for?! Maybe I am not geeky enough to read this blog 😦

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