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Grown your own Naga jolokia and suffer the consequences of a REAL hot pepper!

Everyone knows at least one guy that is obsessed with the spicy food. The guy that isn’t happy unless he’s sweating, crying or breathing fire during a meal.

Why not add a little heat to his holiday season with this ‘Grow Your Own World’s Hottest DIY Pepper’? The Naga jolokia is one of the world’s hottest peppers and is certainly the hottest pepper your can just throw into some soil and grow yourself.

Concerned about the growing process and ending up with a sad little tin can full of death and broken dreams? No worries! The DIY Hot Pepper is super easy! Just a little sunshine, water and TLC required!
It’s like a Chia Pet… with the potential of evil scorching agony!

Once you’ve popped the top of that peppery can, sprouts should appear after approximately two weeks. Cultivation of the peppers will require a bit more time and attention, because nothing in life is free!

The Naga jolokia (aka: Bhut jolokia; aka: Ghost Chili) pepper scores an incredible 1,001,304 SHU on the Scoville Heat Rating!?! (as confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records).
So handle with care and eat at your own risk!

But remember, Baby, when its cold outside you can always keep it fiery inside. – Grow Your Own World’s Hottest DIY Pepper – ($4.99 – $12.99)

Under the Tree Treasures · For Her


Dark Side Roast, helping Sith Lord's start their mornings right

No one likes mornings. Mornings are the end to your fabulous, warm, cozy time of sleep and relaxation. They are cold and dark and signify the start of another day of slaving away at your job.

Why not give into your anger at being ripped from your warm cacoon and sip on the coffee that Dark Lords of the Sith have been enjoying for years? The Dark Side has never tasted so good, or done a better job at waking you up in the morning.

Darth Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee is a blend of African and Indonesian coffees, farmed by well-paid Droid farmers and roasted by Stormtroopers. It’s got a smoky flavour with spicy undertones that your lady is sure to enjoy first thing in the damned morning.

This 12 oz. bag od whole bean coffee is the perfect way to start your lady’s hard day of galactic domination….er… – Darth Vader’s Dark Side Roast – ($14.99)


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  1. ….”ending up with a sad little tin can full of death and broken dreams” HAHAHA!! I love the DIY hot pepper. And your witty little write-up…which I happen to know that you did at 4:45am while you had a friend over asking you stupid questions like “What’s a hashtag?”

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