Midseason T.V. Premieres – Jan 5, 2012

Oh Yeeeeahhh!!! It’s time for smushing and fist pumping again. God help us all.

‘Jersey Shore’ returns to MTV tonight at 10 PM for their 5th season. How these fake ‘n’ bake, sexed up Guidos have managed to infect our televisions for FIVE seasons is beyond us. We’re sure this season will be more of the same – G.T.L – Gym. Tanning. Laundry. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

If you’re more interested in watching people with ACTUAL talent and skill, tune into Lifetime tonight for the premiere of ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ tonight at 9 PM. All your favourite designers are back and battling it out again. This is one of our guilty pleasure shows, because we love us some new and exciting fashion!

Returning from the holiday hiatus:

The Vampire Diaries – 8 PM
Grey’s Anatomy – ABC 9 PM
The Secret Circle – CW 9 PM
Private Practice – ABC 10 PM


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We’re two SurlyGurls brought together by a love of all things awesome and an equal hate of all things which are an affront to awesomeness everywhere.

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  1. Hey, didn’t the Jersey Shore cast get kicked out of Italy last season?? That’s class for you – to be kicked out of an entire country.

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