Midseason T.V. Premieres – Jan 6, 2012

It’s bound to be a magical night on Syfy tonight. You can return to Camelot at 10 PM with the premiere of ‘Merlin’. The Arthurian sorcerer is back with more epic battles and secret spells. Who doesn’t like cheap special effects and british accents?

Returning after the holiday hiatus are our favourite demon hunters, The Winchester Brothers. We can’t wait until 9 PM for ‘Supernatural’ to return to The CW. How much more can these guys handle?! We can’t wait to see what kind of retribution Dean rains down on those Leviathans!

Also premiering tonight:

Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta – TLC 9 PM
Portlandia – IFC 10 PM

Also returning tonight:

Nikita – The CW 8 PM
A Gifted Man – CBS 8 PM
Blue Bloods –  CBS 10 PM


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  1. I thought “A Gifted Man” had been cancelled?? Is that the one about the surgeon’s dead wife whispering in his ear how to become a better person? hahaha

    • Yeah that’s what I had heard too, which kind of bummed me out because I really liked A Gifted Man quite a bit. I wonder if the timeslot had much to do with its poor ratings; I have no idea how many people are out there like me, who really liked the show, but just couldn’t watch it when it was on.

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