Midseason T.V. Premieres – Jan 8, 2012

Tonight at 9 PM, NBC offers up the two-hour premiere of ‘The Firm’. The series is a sequel to John Grisham’s best-selling novel and 1993 film adaptation, picking up 10 years after the original source material.

After a decade in the witness protection program, Mitch McDeere and his family try to start over. Despite the fact Tom Cruise has transformed himself into Josh Lucas, it still may not be enough to keep him and his family safe!

Once Upon a Time’ is also returning from its holiday break tonight. Though we were disappointed with the series premiere, the fall finale was pretty damn exciting! Things are really picking up in Storybrooke and even we are interested in seeing what happens next!

Also premiering tonight:

Gator Boys – Animal Planet 9 PM
Oprah’s Master Class – OWN 10 PM

Also returning tonight:

The Simpsons – FOX 8 PM
The Cleveland Show – FOX 8:30 PM

Family Guy – FOX 9 PM
Desperate Housewives – ABC 9 PM
The Good Wife – CBS 9 PM
Downton Abbey – PBS 9PM 

American Dad  – FOX 9:30 PM

Pan Am – ABC 10 PM
CSI: Miami – CBS 10 PM

Californication – Showtime 10:30 PM


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  1. Gaah!!! There is a horrible ad at the bottom of this entry with an old lady peeling her face off!

  2. Sorry, the old lady distracted me. What I was going to say is that I am going to watch “Downton Abbey” tonight. I have never seen it before…so we’ll see. I might end up throwing a tomato at my television.

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