The SurlyGurls Predict The Golden Globe Winners

Way back on December 15, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced its nominations for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. Here we are one month later and tonight is the big night.
Some of those nominations will become winners… and the rest will remain nominees.

The SurlyGurls have finally committed our predictions to the virtual paper of the internet, now it’s time to enjoy the frivolous commentary about red carpet fashion, the tear-jerking acceptance speeches and delight in the inevitable accidental dropping of the F-bomb on live television.

Now on to our predictions!!

Best Motion Picture – Drama

AndreaThe Descendants – This category is usually a tough one, and this year is no exception. But, I’m going to get behind ‘The Descendants’ for the win. Strong, genuine performances propel this subtle character study through all the tragedies and touching moments of the film. I think it is the front-runner for the top prize.

Whitney –  The Help – Aside from the fact that the hype surrounding this movie is outstanding and it’s already racking up the awards, it was REALLY good. I thought it was touching, funny, poignant. It was just an overall great movie that I think deserves the award.

Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture – Drama

AndreaViola Davis – She has been acting for a long time, she’s appeared in all kinds of movies and played a wide variety of characters. But this is Davis’ first leading film role, and she did an outstanding job with it. She was the heart and soul of the movie and I would love to see her acceptance speech!

WhitneyViola Davis – Her portrayal of the maid ‘Aibileen Clark’ was so subtle and touching. She was both strong and vulnerable. She made me laugh and cry and I was so proud of her bravery. Amazing!

Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture – Drama

AndreaGeorge Clooney – He is all over the Golden Globes this year…well, let’s face it – he is most years. This year, he’s nominated for acting, directing and writing. His sincere and subtle performance in ‘The Descendants’ garnered acclaim from many critics and with stiff competition in the other categories it seems most likely he will be taking home the gold for acting.

WhitneyMichael Fassbender – It takes guts to play what most people would call a sexual deviant. If for no other reason than people can’t help but apply what they see in film to the actual actor. The fact that he plays a character with such an intimate craving without ever really revealing anything really personal or deep about the man is amazing. And yes, he gets full-on naked in the film, merely a bonus.

Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical

AndreaBridesmaids – I had a tough time deciding between ‘The Artist’ and ‘Bridesmaids’ but have to give it to everyone’s favourite bridal party! ‘The Hangover’ won this category a few years ago and ‘Bridesmaids’ is largely considered that movie’s female equivalent. Also, this movie did huge things for women in comedy and was loved by everyone who saw it. Since ‘Bridesmaids’ will never receive any Oscar gold, this is the best way to both acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding ensemble cast.

WhitneyBridesmaids – Let’s face it, this was the funniest movie of the year. Having been the maid of honour in a few weddings I can attest to the fact that it is a complete shit show a lot of the time. Maybe not shitting in the street or getting kicked off of a plane bad, but complete chaos none the less. I love the fact that this movie was toilet-humour with a girly twist.

Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical

Andrea – Michelle Williams – Anytime an actor is required to portray an iconic figure it is not merely enough to create an imitation of the original. There are so many ways that this role could have gone really wrong, really fast. But Michelle Williams fully committed to the part and created something organic and real. Her performance should be the winner in this category.

WhitneyMichelle Williams – Firstly, how stunning does she look as Marilyn?! Seriously. I know it’s not all about the look, but making it as believable as possible is part of the magic of a good biopic. She WAS Marilyn in the movie. Taking on the role of one of the most beloved actresses of all time is ballsy, and she seems to have pulled it off.

Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical

Andrea – Jean Dujardin – Many have stated that this performance is what truly makes ‘The Artist’ exceptional. To carry an entire movie using only facial expressions and body language deserves recognition, I’m betting the Hollywood Foreign Press recognizes that talent.

WhitneyRyan Gosling – While my future husband…sorry, Ryan Gosling…has a habit of picking roles that are a little more dark than his character in Crazy Stupid Love, he played it perfectly. Somehow he went from a womanizing cad to the perfect man that you WISH you could find at a bar. He held his own up against funny-man Steve Carrell, which should win him this award alone.

Best Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role In A Motion Picture

Andrea – Shailene Woodley – She delivers such a strong performance in a movie essentially built on its characters. Her Alexandra King is so much more than the stereotypical teenager and in a time of tragedy it is her strength of character that keeps her family from falling apart.

WhitneyOctavia Spencer – She played the perfect best friend to Viola Davis’ Aibileen. She was loud where Davis was quiet and sassy where Davis was obedient. She was the epitome of support, not only as her character but as an actress as well.

Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role In A Motion Picture

Andrea – Christopher Plummer – This category seems a little weaker this year, with no huge buzz surrounding anyone in this category. Though, that is probably because Christopher Plummer is sure to win! He is an amalgamation of all the elements that awards shows love to throw gold at. He’s a beloved old actor, he portrays a recently widowed, terminally ill man who comes out of the closet after his diagnosis.
Seriously, it’s got golden globe written all over it!

WhitneyViggo Mortensen – This is one of the categories that I went with a gut decision. And, I didn’t want to pick ALL the same winners as Andrea, as that’s boring! I have heard good things about both Mortensen and ‘A Dangerous Method’ so we’ll see how this one turns out.

Best Animated Feature Film

Andrea – The Adventures of Tintin – People love Tintin. I’m betting the Hollywood Foreign Press loves Tintin too! The visuals in this movie are awesome. The performance capture is great and the amount of detail and attention paid to little things like fabric textures and backgrounds is incredible. The characters are a nice hybrid of the original illustrations and realistic people. Thankfully, there are no unsettling, soulless CGI people here!

WhitneyThe Adventures of Tintin – I can’t imagine any of the other movies in this category beating it. This movie was one of the most visually impressive animated films I have ever seen. Not to mention the story was a good old-fashioned mystery caper. I loved it.

Best Foreign Language Film

AndreaA Separation (Iran) – ‘A Separation’ has been virtually winning every award for which it has been nominated. It even scored the elusive 100% positive rating on I don’t care what language a movie is in; that is damn good!

WhitneyThe Skin I Live In (Spain) – This movie looks demented and confusing, pretty much exactly what I like in a foreign film. Out of all the entries in this category it’s the only one that looks even remotely interesting to me. I am so sick of movies about war or war-countries winning. World cinema has so much more to offer, I just wish hollywood would recognize that.

Best Director – Motion Picture

Andrea – Michel Hazanavicius – It is a pretty bold move to make a black-and-white SILENT movie in this day and age. But when that silent movie is beautifully executed and becomes an enchanting homage to the silent-era of Hollywood then certainly that risk, creativity and skill deserves some recognition. This guy is taking home a Globe.

WhitneyMichel Hazanavicius – There is no doubt in my mind that the guy that directed a black and white, silent film in 2011 that has the amount of hype it does is going to win this category.

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture

Andrea – Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash (The Descendants) – I think Michel Hazanavicius will take home the Directing award for his work on ‘The Artist’, but I also don’t think Alexander Payne will go home empty-handed. I’m putting my money on ‘The Descendants’ taking this category.

WhitneyGeorge Clooney, Grant Heslov and Beau Willimon (The Ides of March) – I understand that people love George Clooney, and I have yet to give him any love this year. So, Mr. Clooney, here is my choice for you. American’s do love a movie about their own country, especially if it’s about politics.

Best Original Score – Motion Picture

AndreaLudovic Bource – In a movie without dialogue the score plays an even more important role in setting the tone of a scene than usual. This jaunty and atmospheric score not only works with the visuals to capture the mood of the film but also beautifully captures the sound of films of the silent era.

WhitneyLudovic Bource – How could you not give the award for best score to the silent film?! The score sets the tone and mood for every film, this one had to also tell the story and the dialogue as well.

Best Original Song – Motion Picture

Andrea“The Living Proof” – I started to severely over-think this category (as I tend to do with just about everything) but the simple fact of the matter is ‘The Living Proof’ is the best song.  It perfectly reflects the tone and message of the movie. The story goes that Mary J. Blige was so inspired by a screening of ‘The Help’ she was compelled to get involved and wrote this song.

Whitney“The Living Proof” – Of all the songs nominated this is the only one that I might ever think of listening to outside of the actual film. Not to mention it fit the mood of the film perfectly. The rest of the songs were WAY too long and I lost interest about 30 seconds in.

Best Television Series – Drama

Andrea – Homeland – Originally, I considered going with ‘Boardwalk Empire’, but ultimately went with ‘Homeland’. The Showtime series about a CIA officer and her obsession to uncover the truth about a former marine prisoner of war has received such high praise since its debut, I think it’s taking home the globe.

WhitneyHomeland – I don’t want to sound like the Canadian I am, but America loves stories about its war heroes. I also don’t want to downplay how good this show actually is. The praise that it’s received is outstanding and deservedly so. I think this is the clear winner for this award.

Best Performance By An Actress In A Television Series – Drama

Andrea – Madeleine Stowe – Her Victoria Grayson is sadistic, intimidating and an absolute delight to watch in action. The cruelty that Madeleine Stowe feeds into this socialite bitch is easily the best thing about this new primetime soap opera.

WhitneyClaire Danes – This is another of my gut-reaction decisions. I think that with all the acclaim for ‘Homeland’ Danes is a shoe-in for the win. Her character’s determination and drive is exactly what drives the show.

Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series – Drama

Andrea – Bryan Cranston – ‘Breaking Bad’ is an amazing show and despite critical acclaim for this season, the show was noticeably excluded from the Best Drama Series category. I’m thinking Bryan Cranston will end up taking home an award on behalf of the entire series.

WhitneySteve Buscemi – Yes, he’s won a bunch of awards for this role already. And I am the kind of person who hates watching the same people win, year after year, but I think that Buscemi plays ‘Nucky Thompson’ perfectly. I will concede that in this instance, he deserves to be winning everything he’s nominated for.

Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical

AndreaNew Girl – Anyone who has ever read this blog knows that I LOVE this show. I love the characters; they’re so quirky and adorable. I love the dialogue. I love the plastic soda bottle in the wall hole. I love everything and everyone involved with this show. I want it to win without question.

WhitneyNew Girl – This choice can’t possibly surprise anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis. I love this show and I think it deserves an award!! Plain and simple!

Best Performance By An Actress In A Television Series – Comedy or Musical

Andrea – Zooey Deschanel – As I mentioned before, I love ‘New Girl’ and I love Zooey Dechanel as Jess!! In fact, she makes me want to be Jess! I want to make up ridiculous little songs about nothing. I want to pepper my everyday conversations with sound effects and offbeat voices… Wait, I do those things already… Well, I would like to be able to do those things while wearing über-short skirts and living with three hot dudes!

WhitneyZooey Deschanel – She is adorable and hilarious and gives hope to all the quirky, awkward girls out there. She is just over all one of my favourite characters on television.

Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series – Comedy or Musical

AndreaJohnny Galecki – He is continuously overlooked on ‘The Big Bang Theory’; he’s the straight guy, the “normal” guy who sets up all the jokes for the more offbeat characters. But, last season Leonard seemed to score himself the lion’s share of the really funny lines. I’d also like to comment on the fact the other nominations are Alec Baldwin – who wins all the time, David Duchovny – who’s just playing his ol’ sex-addicted self and Matt LeBlanc… Yeah, Joey…from ‘Friends’!

WhitneyJohnny Galecki – The Big Bang Theory is a riot, and Johnny Galecki has some of the best lines on that show. He really does deserve a chance to come out from the shadow of Jim Parsons.

Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made For Television

Andrea – Downton Abbey – The British television period drama series has been picking up critical acclaim and popularity since its debut. This year the series was even entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the “most critically acclaimed English-language television show” for the year! That should earn it some gold from the Hollywood Foreign Press.

WhitneyDownton Abbey – EVERYONE watches this series. You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know what ‘Downton Abbey’ is, whether they’ve seen it or not. the Hollywood Foreign Press can’t possibly ignore that. Not to mention, the competition seems pretty weak, I think it’s only real competitor is ‘Mildred Pierce’.

Best Performance By An Actress In A Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made For Television

Andrea –  Kate Winslet – Her portrayal of the title character won her an emmy earlier this year and I think she’s likely to repeat at the Golden Globes.

WhitneyKate Winslet – I think Ms. Winslet is the only real choice in this category as well. Like Andrea said, she’s already won the Emmy Award for this role, I think it’s only going to continue at the Golden Globes.

Best Performance By An Actor In A Mini-Series or  Motion Picture Made For Television

AndreaDominic West – He has been in ‘the biz’ for almost 40 years and has never received an award. His portrayal of a charismatic anchorman leading a news program during the 1950s should bring that streak to an end.

WhitneyHugh Bonneville – It’s appropriate to me that the Abbey‘s patriarch would win this award. He is the cornerstone of the hugely popular series. His dignified and just character are what makes him my choice.

Best Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role In A Series, Mini-Series Or Motion Picture Made For Television

Andrea – Jessica Lange – Southern belles are so ‘in’ right now, but when a two-time Academy Award winning actress is the one perfectly playing that Southern belle in a bizarre, twisted and unique new critically acclaimed series?! C’mon. That’s gotta be the one to beat.

WhitneyMaggie Smith – I love Maggie Smith. I think she is perfect in everything she does. I picked her for no other reason than that. This is a pick from the heart, and I hope that my heart is right.

Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role In A Series, Mini-Series Or Motion Picture Made For Television

Andrea – Guy Pearce – He took home the Emmy award for his role as a charming and depraved playboy. I’m guessing he will also walk away with a Golden Globe.

WhitneyPeter Dinklage – This was a tough one, as he also took home the Emmy for his role, just as Guy Pearce did. I am a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi, so I am keeping allegiances and going with ‘Game of Thrones’ for the win!

Be sure to tune into the 2012 Golden Globe Awards tonight on NBC 8pm EST.


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  1. Nice picks!!!!!
    Have you guys seen the Artist?? Was it amazing as they say?
    I don’t care who wins best actress in a drama TV show as long as it’s not Juliana Margulies. :/
    Seriously fabulous post! Your choices are great 🙂 🙂

  2. Yes, good post!

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