Chuck vs. The SurlyGurls: Reactions to the Finale

“I love Chuck Bartowski, and I don’t know what to do about it.” You and us all, Sarah Walker!

Friday night NBC aired the two-hour series finale of ‘Chuck’ and we were definitely not prepared for the emotional roller coaster it took us on. As we sat eating our Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwiches from Subway, we quickly realized that our napkins would be used for wiping away tears, not teriyaki sauce. (Just because we’re Surly, doesn’t mean we don’t have hearts, and Mr. Bartowski stole them 5 years ago.)

It was quite a surprise when Super-Spy Sarah, who we already knew was on a mission to kill Chuck, showed up bruised and bloody and knocking on his door two minutes into the first hour. We thought the writers would make us wait a lot longer for the reunion of memory-wiped Sarah and love-will-conquer-all Chuck. It was brutal watching her lie straight to his face, cuddling up and pretending to love him still, all while being fed info from the villainous Quinn. Our heartbreak was only deepened as we watched Chuck become suspicious of the woman he loved, as he knew instantly that she wasn’t the Sarah he married. (Side note: Peter Bishop needs to take a few lessons from Chuck, as he couldn’t even tell that he was dating a completely different human entity when Fauxlivia showed up on ‘Fringe’)

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Chuck’s suspicions are confirmed as the Carmichael team heads to the DARPA facility to destroy the final intersect only to be double-crossed by Sarah, who downloads it into the glasses to deliver to Chuck’s nemesis, Quinn. As if that traitorous move wasn’t enough, she ends up using Morgan as a human shield and delivers a devastating blow (both physically and emotionally) as she punches Chuck as he tries to remind her of who she really is. Watching her punch Chuck felt as if we were the ones getting the shocking left hook to the face.

While we thought Sarah punching Chuck in the face was heartbreaking, we had yet to see the scenes at their dream house. Everyone brought their A-games for those, from Chuck crying and attempting to make Sarah remember to Sarah beating the ever-living shit out of him and throwing him down the stairs. Just as you thought Chuck was getting through to her, she dropped the “I guess I did my job too well” bomb. Just when we thought we couldn’t cry anymore, Quinn finally shows up, corroborates Chuck’s stories to Sarah and tries to shoot her only to have Chuck dive in front of the bullet and save her life. Well done writers, well done.

Another good move on the writers part was to get all the heart wrenching suffering and pain out of the way in the first hour and allow the viewers to get nostalgic in the second hour. “Chuck vs The Goodbye” was the absolute perfect homage to all the reasons people loved the show in the first place. What they did could have gone terribly wrong, bordering on cheap, cheesy and pandering – but instead they gave us all the classic ‘Chuck’ comedy, on their own terms.

All the little inside jokes for the people who were there with them from the beginning were what made this episode so endearing and intimate. Everything from the first time Chuck saw Sarah at the Nerd Herd desk to Big Mike and his love of Subway to the video log with Sarah wearing her Wienerlicious or Orange Orange outfits to the Irene Demova virus shutting down the bomb. Even everyone’s favourite 80’s cover band Jeffster! made an appearance – not only saving the day, but finally scoring themselves a sweet contract with a German music producer. It was also amazing to see Casey’s return to being a total badass – something not only the fans wanted to see, but also other characters on the show.

While the second half of the finale was full of great laughs, it was not without its touching, tear-enducing moments. The final showdown between Quinn and Sarah was much more dramatic and abrupt than we expected. There was no drawn out wordplay between them, he was about to get away with the intersect glasses and she put a bullet in him. At the climax of the episode Chuck is faced with a decision: download the last ever intersect and save a theatre-full of innocent people OR use it to help Sarah regain all of her lost memories. With Spock-like clarity, Chuck decides the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and turns down the only chance he has of getting his wife back.

Our tears of sadness did turn into tears of joy as the final scenes played out with Chuck and Sarah sitting on the beach as he recounted their five years of love and adventure. It was a variety of old clips and scenes of Sarah laughing and crying as she was told her own love story. By the end of the scene we were both sobbing and apologizing for any bitching that we had previously done about the quality of the show.

Having watched the finale and said our goodbyes, we’ve realized that our predictions were a lot more dark than they should have been. We knew someone would jump in front of a bullet. We knew that Alex and Morgan would step it up, though we jumped a few steps ahead with a proposal. We were half right about Jeff and Lester tranquilizing Sarah, instead they just stalked her. Ellie did offer to make a device to cure Sarah. Chuck’s mom did show up to help out. We’re blaming our predictions about Casey dying at the hands of Sarah and her and Chuck having to clean out his apartment on you Joss Whedon – we’ve watched you kill off way too many of our favourite characters!

As hard on the writers as we were, they gave us exactly what we wanted. They gave us a finale that was full of emotion and laughter….and though they didn’t spell out what exactly is going to happen for everyone, we’re 100% sure that it was the happy ending they all deserved.

Aces, Charles. You’re Aces.

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  1. Wow, Surly Girls! I have never Watched CHUCK and you made me WANT to! What a wonderful tribute and good-bye to what was obviously a very engaging show. You guys are good!

  2. Yes, you guys are awesome!

  3. Awwww! Thanks!! You make us blush! 🙂

    @susiesworld: you should really check out Chuck! Though last season was a little disappointing, the first three seasons were just adorable and so awesome!! Such a great little show!

  4. Great review, Surlygurls! Oh, how I miss Chuck! I hope they make a Chuck movie. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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