Countdown to the Oscars!

Well, you’ve had plenty of time to mull over the Oscar nominations and with a week to go before the telecast it is time to really focus and finalize those picks as well as put the finishing touches on your Oscar TV viewing party!

What’s that? You’re stuck for party ideas? No worries, here’s a few you can steal and pass off as your own. Personally, we love the idea of incorporating the nominated movies into the party theme.

So, this year why not host a party with a black-and-white dress code or even a roaring 20s style costume party in celebration of ‘The Artist’. Nothing like some flapper dresses and pinstriped suits to add some razzle dazzle to your shindig! Though, the film is set during the prohibition years and we certainly would not be merging that into our party theme!
(The SurlyGurls love their adult beverages!)

Maybe you’re a Clooney supporter and would prefer a Hawaiian luau theme to reflect his film ‘The Descendants’. Create a fun and tropical atmosphere by offering your guests a lei as they arrive and preparing a delicious spread of tropical fruits. Aloha!

Regardless of your theme, what would a viewing party be without the popcorn!? Yup, that’s right – a failure. The Oscars is a special night so why not dress the popcorn in black tie as well. Just drizzle melted white and dark chocolate over your popcorn! It will leave your guests speechless.

Also, don’t forget the most important elements for an Oscar TV viewing party – the scorecard. How else will you keep track of the award winners and the party pool winners! Since everyone loved the printable ballot we did for last month’s Golden Globes, so we’ve done it again! Download your printable ballot for this Sunday’s 84th Academy Awards.

We will be posting our predictions later this week… so be sure to come back and compare.

Don’t miss the 2012 Academy Awards this Sunday February 26th on ABC 8pm EST.

What is the one thing you hope to see at the Oscars this weekend?
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  1. THanks for the printable ballot!!

    I am sad that I haven’t seen more of the nominated movies! I have only seen 3 out of the 9 nominated for Best Pic! Wait…why is there 9 and not 10? Does anyone know!Comment back and tell me!

    • Yup, only nine this year. 😦
      Evidently the Academy thought that everything released this year was garbage… even ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’ is really stretching it for Best Picture!!
      Maybe next year…

      • Yes, there isn’t as many good ones this year. For example, War Horse…not deserving to be on that list. And this is from someone who is an equestrienne.

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