The Oscar’s Best And Worst Gowns – And Angelina Jolie’s Gams

Looks like Oscar wasn’t the only precious metal out on the town last night. The ladies of Hollywood were rocking some serious metallics on the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

We were actually surprised, it was harder coming up with the worst dressed list this time around, as the ladies really seemed to kick it up for the biggest party of the year. There were some bad choices, but they were fewer and further between than on most red carpets. And, none of them were the kind of Cher-gone-Las-Vegas-Show-Girl disaster that have plague the awards season in the past.

We really weren’t expecting the level of glamour and sparkle and WOW that we got from Milla Jovovich. In fact, we didn’t really expect to see the ‘Resident Evil’ hottie at the awards at all. But good God damn! THAT is how you should look at the Oscar’s.

Poor Shailene Woodley however, tops our list of the worst dressed this year. She looks like she’s just escaped the destruction of Alderaann, all she needed was those iconic buns. Everyone seems to be praising this dress, but we just don’t get it. She’s 21 years old, not 81. She personifies frumpy.

(Read the rest of this entry to find out our other picks for best and worst dressed)

Here are the rest of our choices for the most stunning dresses of the night. Our choices for the worst will follow.

We went back and forth on who won out for the top spot, and Penelope came in as a really, really close second. This gorgeous Giorgio Armani dress is one of the best fitting gowns we have ever seen. And the colour, we LOVE the colour.

Angie’s probably getting more attention for the fact that she seemed incapable of standing like a normal human being last night. However, her Versace gown is the little black dress that all other little black dresses look up to.

Oh Emma Stone, how we adore you. Your description of your Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown was to the point and hilarious – “It’s fuchsia. There’s a big bow” You managed to look adorable without being too twee.

We gave Melissa a lot of flack at the Golden Globes, and we are so ecstatic to include her on our best dressed list this time around. We thought that her Marina Rinaldi-designed dress was a real step up – it didn’t look like she was hiding under a drapery. There was bling and definition and that colour looks amazing on her.

The comediennes were taking no prisoners last night. Tina Fey showed up wearing this Carolina Herrera peplum dress and proved that funny girls can be just as chic. We also loved her simple and elegant hair style.

Michelle Williams’ Louis Vuitton gown was a fabulous pop of colour as she arrived at the Oscars last night. It was fun and frilly and one of the first dresses that really stood out to us.

Jessica Chastin looked absolutely stunning in her boldly patterned gold and black Alexander McQueen gown. She may be the first time in history a velvet painting ever went right.

Everything about Cameron Diaz’s sandy-coloured Gucci Premiere dress was right. The shape, the fit, the fun feathery-bottom. Even her hair was fun. She takes our top prize for the star we’d most like to hit the after parties with.

This may be the first time in history that we have loved it when an actress matches her dress to her hair. Ellie Kemper’s Armani Prive dress was amazing. We love its simplicity and elegance.

Miss Piggy gets an honourable mention here as well in her scandalously plunging Zac Posen gown. The colour fits with the metallic theme of the evening and really brings out her blue eyes. Not to be outdone, her main squeeze, Kermit The Frog, is looking especially dapper in his Brooks Brothers suit.

And now, here are those ladies who didn’t quite cut it last night.

Now, we think Kristen Wiig is a comedy genius, but this dress is just terrible. It looks like the shredded drapery remains of a chain-smoking hoarder with 30 cats. The colour just looks dingy and while we usually like the feathery bottom, this one just looks poorly done.

We kind of get where Rooney Mara was trying to go with this white Givenchy gown, we just think she failed. We just don’t get the bunched up fabric on the boob area. Were it not for that detail this dress would actually not be too bad.

There is just something overly matronly about Sandra Bullock’s Marchesa gown. And we’re not quite sure why you would want to accent your waist with a bird’s nest. This just looks like two dresses attached together.

Jennifer Lopez’s Zuhair Murad dress is a dizzying array of elements that should have worked, but it  fell short for us. No one can deny that her body looks amazing, but the bland colour, the arm cut-outs and the sun burst pattern are just not adding up.

First of all, the top of Viola Davis’ emerald Vera Wang dress looks like it’s half a size too small. The middle part is okay, and then the bottom looks as if someone took a pair of gardening shears to it. We love the colour, but that’s about it.

In reality, there should be no reason for us to hate this dress. It could be our dislike for Gwyneth Paltrow, but this Tom Ford dress and cape combo is just so angular and a little too severe for us. It could be a mix of her straight and slick hair as well. Anyway you look at it, we’re not buying this as the standout dress of the night.

Tell the SurlyGurls who your best and worst dressed of the night were!


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  1. “…Angie’s probably getting more attention for the fact that she seemed incapable of standing like a normal human being …”
    yes, I was surprised by the body language attitude …

  2. Rooney Mara: strange boob area …

  3. Viola Davis’ boob area: half a size too small…

  4. I disagree with your opinion about Melissa McCarthy. This dress does not flatter her body type. It looks sort of like a 70s curtain…and I vehemently disagree about Shailene Woodley. Are you saying htat if a younger woman wears a vintage-style dress, she looks 81 and frumpy?! Gee, I’d better get rid of all my vintage dresses then ! 😦
    …and ….I think Angelina Jolie was really lacking in class when she stuck out her leg like that. She could also put on some weight – her arms look bony and saggy, like someone who is more concerned with weighing 100 pounds than with their health!

    • @frizztext – We totally agree about Rooney Mara’s bizarre boob area!! It’s precisely the reason she’s on this list! Weird patterns, pleats or pinning in the vicinity of the little ladies is always something that makes us cringe!!

      @Nicole – Don’t toss out those vintage dresses yet! We think vintage clothes are quirky and delightful. But the ensemble that Shailene Woodley’s is sporting looking more like a bedazzled Princess Leia Hallowe’en costume! It’s just not quirky, delightful or flattering.
      Maybe you should show her how it’s done!! 😉
      As for Melissa McCarthy, we think this dress is infinitely more flattering and feminine than any of the dark, shapeless dresses she’s been seen in this award season.
      And, finally … yes, maybe Angelina needs to eat a cheeseburger, but that dress was still damn hot!

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