Spring T.V. Premieres – Mar 1, 2012

Spring has arrived friends. We know because there is a whole new line-up of mediocre looking shows just waiting to premiere.

Apparently alternate realities are the new black this season. NBC’s newest show, ‘Awake’, premieres tonight at 10 PM.

We will admit that this show does intrigue us at least a little bit. The premise – a detective gets in a horrible car crash with his family. He wakes up to realize his son has died and begins seeing a shrink to deal. But wait! The next morning he wakes up to realize it’s actually his wife that’s died and he’s seeing a different shrink to deal with that.

The only hesitation we have about investing our precious little time (seriously, we already watch WAY too much t.v.!) in this show is the inevitable fact that the writers will take the easy way out once it reaches it’s end and tell us…wait for it….that it’s actually HIM that is dead. Promise us another ending and we would be willing to fit ‘Awake’ into the PVR schedule.


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  1. I think “Awake” will leave people snoring.

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