Spring T.V. Premieres – Mar 4, 2012

Tonight at 10pm, ABC premieres its new heavily promoted prime-time soap opera ‘GCB’. Starring Kristin Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb, and Annie Potts, this series is like ‘Mean Girls’ with Dallas socialites in place of catty high schoolers. The dialogue is quick and funny, not to mention Chenoweth looks incredible as the GCB “Queen Bee”.

Based on Kim Gatlin’s popular book Good Christian Bitches, and brought to the small screen by Darren Star (Sex and the City) and writer Robert Harling (Steel Magnolias) this is sure to be a hit. Especially considering all those ‘Desperate Housewives’ fans will need a new show to flock to when the ladies of Wisteria Drive bid farewell later this year.

Also premiering tonight:

Army Wives – Lifetime 9pm
Breakout Kings – A&E 10pm


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  1. I was on an episode of Breakout Kings…for one second! ha!

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