Spring T.V. Premieres – Mar. 8, 2012

Brace yourself Canada….Abby Lee Miller and her troupe of tiny terrors are back for another season of tutus and tantrums.

Slice will be airing the new season of the So-Bad-I-Can’t-Look-Away ‘Dance Moms’ at 9 PM. Then, as if one hour of a large woman yelling at small girls and their insane mothers wasn’t enough, you can watch yet another episode at 10 PM.

If two hours of overbearing moms pushing their kids to do better isn’t how you would like to spend your Thursday evening, you could always tune into the spring finale of ‘The Finder’ at 8 PM on FOX. Of course, even Walter Sherman would be hard pressed to “find” anyone that even watches that show. We’re convinced it was created so that the actors from ‘Bones’ would have something to do while Emily Deschanel has her baby.


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We’re two SurlyGurls brought together by a love of all things awesome and an equal hate of all things which are an affront to awesomeness everywhere.

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  1. Um…you know how I feel about dance moms and dance girls!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

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