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Who doesn’t love those adorable ‘My Little Pony’ toys?!, Certainly no one we know! Though, it’s no great secret that we prefer the 80s toys to the new ones. You know, before the re-imaging that made them too skinny and gave them all freakishly long legs!

But, Hasbro isn’t the only one who’s doing some re-imagining with the ponies! The Internet is full of artists who have crafted these magical little creatures into a wide variety of other pop culture characters.

So, we’ve put together a gallery of our favourite, wildly impressive customized ‘My Little Pony’ sculptures for your viewing pleasure! After all, that’s the magic of friendship!!

Let’s start with some customization based on other popular 80s cartoon characters:


Care Bears

Wish Bear – Looks like someone wished to be a Pony!

Rainbow Brite

Starlite – The  most magnificent Pony in all of Rainbow Land!

She-Ra – Princess of Power

Swift Wind – Such an improvement from boring ol’ Spirit!

These 80s cartoon character ponies are courtesy of Samantha Claridge of the  United Kingdom. She proves there is nothing better than combining the best cartoons of the 80s into one awesome figurine!! Check out her deviantart page for more pony customizations and some pretty awesome drawings! *Spoiler Alert* There is more of her pretty ponies to come!

He-Man – Masters of the Universe

He-Man – By the Power of Greyskull! I am He-Pony!

Skeletor –  Overlord of Evil and sworn enemy of He-Pony!

These two ‘He-Man’ ponies were created by Mari Kasurinen, a mixed-media artist from Finland. She likes art because it’s pretty, and her contributions to our ‘My Little Pony’ conspectus most certainly are very pretty!! So, let’s move into some of her movie customizations – because these are absolutely incredible!!


Kill Bill Vol. 1

The Bride – Silly Caucasian pony likes to play with Samurai swords.

Star Wars

Han Solo – He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is.

Princess Leia – The iconic gold bikini even looks good on this Pony!!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington – I think this Pony thing is not as tricky as it seems. 

Sally – You don’t look like yourself, Pony. Not at all!

Pan’s Labyrinth

The Faun – I am the mountain, the forest and the earth. I am… I am a Pony. 


Alien – The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.

What did we tell you!? Mari Kasurinen created all of those incredible film-inspired ponies!! For more inspiring MLP creations, be sure to check out her main site, her flickr page or deviantart page!

Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett – The years, no doubt, have changed these Ponies.

Samantha Claridge created these Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett ponies. It’s hard to imagine this cute pony couple butchering their way through Fleet Street… even harder than the worst pies in London!! Check out her deviantart page for more pony customizations and some pretty awesome drawings!

Lord of the Rings

Aragorn – This is no mere Ranger. This Pony is heir to the throne of Gondor!

Legolas Greenleaf – A Sindarin Pony of the Woodland Realm.

Clara from the United States created the ‘Lord of the Rings’ ponies. What a pretty little fellowship they make! Be sure to surf over to her deviantart page for way more modified ponies!! Clara has paid great attention to detail and certainly excels in the creation of the wings! Some of those ponies are sporting wings worthy of being on a Victoria’s Secret runway!

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog

Dr. Horrible – I bet this Bad Pony has a terrible Death-Whinny!

Captain Hammer – Pony’s got to do what a Pony’s got to do.

No nerdy conspectus would be complete without some Joss Whedon representation! “Requiem” fulfills that quota here with her ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’ customized ponies!

And if you think those ponies were pretty sweet? You’re gonna die of a sugar-overload when you see these candy-inspired ponies also by “Requiem”!


Gingerbread Pony – Run, run, as fast as you can!!

LolliPop Pony – Sweeter than candy on a stick…

Citrus Twist Pony – You got citric acid in my eye!

Sushi Ponies – Nori, Maguro, and Sake.

They just look so pretty and delicious! And if gingerbread and lollipop candy ponies weren’t enough of a treat for you, what about that trio of sushi ponies!! Andrea just can’t get enough of sushi and certainly couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add these lovely ponies to the gallery!!

Sadly, there were so many different and beautiful ponies to choose from, and we simply couldn’t showcase them all. Definitely trot over to her main site or her flickr site to check them all out!!


Spider-Man – A great Pony comes with great responsibility.

Wonder Woman – That “Lasso of Truth” suddenly makes sense.

Phoenix – I am fire and life incarnate! Now and forever!

Hellboy –  We’re okay with this Pony’s Right Hoof Of Doom
destroying the world

Jodi K. Moisan is the artist behind all those comic book character ponies! Her mods stay pretty close to the original pony design without any real add-ons. You can see more of her comic-inspired modifications at her site or her flickr site. Be sure to look for the sweet photo of her and Stan Lee on her official site.

Harley Quinn – Even Mr. J. would love this Pony.

Catwoman – Definitely One Prrrrretty Pony!

Batman –  If you make yourself more than just a Pony…
then you become something else entirely. 

These are a few more ponies from Mari Kasurinen, who also loves to fashion her ponies into the comic book characters. If you foolishly didn’t check out her pages before; here they are again: main site, flickr page and deviantart page.

While you’re feeling inspired by these pretty little ponies, why not get your muzzle off the internet and get creative! We’d love to showcase your creations too! Let the magic of friendship shine below, and leave us a comment!


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  1. The candy and sushi ones are creepy. Just sayin’….

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