A Recipe For Adventure With Josh Gates And ‘Destination Dinners’

It’s no secret, we are big fans of Josh Gates and his fabulous travel/monster hunting show, Destination Truth. So when the option to head to C2E2 this past weekend presented itself, we jumped at the opportunity.

Having raged about the fact that every year he’s relegated to moderating panels for crap like ‘Sanctuary’ at SDCC instead of being given his own panel, we were quite excited to attend his hour-long Q&A session.

We would finally get to hear all the behind the scenes stories and anecdotes from his five-years as Syfy’s resident globe-trotting monster hunter. It was his fans chance to inquire about whatever happened to that weird alien carcass he unearthed in Chile, or the follow-up to what the yeti hair he discovered in Bhutan really was.

When the panel began Gates seemed to be somewhat nervous, not knowing where to sit or what to do at first. (This is the guy that climbed into a decrepit gondola over a gaping chasm of death in Bhutan without blinking an eye.) He recovered quickly and was back to his wise-cracking, pop-culture-referencing self in no time. He delighted the crowd with a hilarious story about accidentally getting locked in a stair well with his C2E2 handler who had just delivered a gigantic Starbucks beverage to him on stage.

After an apology for the extended break between season four and five of Destination Truth he ran the season five teaser video. Though we were hoping for an actual air date for the new season, he did assure us that it will be starting this summer, but didn’t have any specifics. He did however reveal some of the upcoming destinations for the new season including Sweden, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and a return to the haunted forest in Romania.

He quickly turned the panel over to the fans for a lengthy question and answer session. He was witty, charming, and very forthcoming with the answers to all the questions he was asked. Where he openly admitted to being scared most of the time, the SurlyGurls would have lied through our teeth. We talked about wanting to write another book at some point in the future as well as his most hated Comic-to-Movie adaptation (The Hulk).

He spoke candidly about his gratitude and appreciation for the job he gets to do, explaining that the Destination Truth pilot had originally been filmed with a different host who didn’t quite work out. (Did Eric Stoltz botch that job too?)

As thanks to his fans, Gates went on to reveal his big announcement that tweeting about for weeks before C2E2. He started by discussing how most of the fan mail he receives is from fans asking how they can be a part of the show. He said he had even been given resumes that day at his autograph signing. He explained that he had discussed things with the network executives about how he could make it happen, but the logistics made it next to impossible.

The remedy to these logistical problems: Destination Dinners. Gates himself will be challenging his fans to get out and explore the world, and rewarding them with a once in a lifetime chance to do it with him. Out of his own pocket he will be organizing these “Destination Dinners” in exotic locations and inviting his fans to join him.

“It could be a fish fry at floating village in Vietnam or a nomadic campfire BBQ in the Sahara Desert. I’ll be posting a date, a time and a place on Twitter, maybe just coordinates. And if you can make it there, an amazing dinner will be waiting for you – on me.”  said Gates at the panel.

After our own speculations and reading a plethora of Twitter theories his actual announcement was so far from all of them that we were wholly unprepared to cope with the awesome he thrust upon us. Basically, he told us that if we are willing and able (and we are both!) we can have our very own version of “Win A Date With Tad Hamilton”. The subsequent days have been filled with plotting, scheming and dreaming of Gates reenacting the shirtless wood chopping scene.

In addition to his absolutely fabulous Q&A session, Gates spent quite a bit of time in the autograph area signing books and posing for photos with his loyal fans. He was definitely the most popular kid in class – his table mate Sean Astin had barely more than 10 people in line at any given moment.

If you would like to take the SurlyGurls on in “Winning A Date With Josh Gates” – which we wouldn’t recommend, we’re highly motivated – you can check out the official rules and eligibility on his Twitter account with the hashtags #DestinationDinner and #StealMyMiles.


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We’re two SurlyGurls brought together by a love of all things awesome and an equal hate of all things which are an affront to awesomeness everywhere.

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  1. Ummmm did either of you get a photo with him???

  2. Agreed. The guy is pretty awesome….

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