Summer T.V. Premieres – June 7, 2012

Remember the good old days when season finales meant you got to escape the grasp of your television for a mere 3 months of the year? You got to get outside and enjoy the company of actual people? There are so many premieres happening tonight it’s like September has come early…only with really shitty offerings.

Apparently NBC and FOX are competing to have the absolute worst take on the “Dating Game”. NBC will be creating some kind of terrible Frankenstein’s monster of reality game shows with ‘Love In The Wild’ at 8 PM. It’s a little bit ‘Survivor’, a little bit ‘Fear Factor’ and a little bit ‘The Bachelor’. At the same time FOX will premiere ‘Take Me Out’, a show in which 30 women will compete for one man by turning a light podium off and on. If that sounds like the worst part, it’s not, this show is hosted by the always irritating George Lopez.

At 9 PM FOX continues the search for “Love” on its celebrity dating show, ‘The Choice’. Run in the same vein as ‘The Voice’, four celebrity bachelors will have to choose their dates based only on their voices. Only once they’ve pulled their “love handles” (we shit you not, that is what they are actually calling them) can they turn to see the ladies they have chosen.

If watching beautiful people bitch that they can’t find love isn’t your cup of tea, you’ve got a mixed bag of options to choose from. On NBC at 10 PM is yet another medical drama called ‘Saving Hope’. The twist, the lead surgeon is in a coma and ghosting his way around the halls of the hospital. Groundbreaking, we know. Also at 10 PM, A&E is premiering their new Real Life Drama – ‘Cajun Justice’. Now everyone can watch Louisiana cops stop voodoo rituals and wrestle gators. Great.

MTV2 will be showing a multipart series called ‘Yo! MTV Raps’, chronicling the rise of the hip hop genre, with the premiere at 10 PM. At least this one sounds like you could learn something of value.

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  1. I love your site, it always gives me quite a chuckle! The rap show probably will be the most entertaining !

  2. I thought “Yo! MTV Raps” was an old show?! I remember it from the 90s. The rest of the shows mentioned sound like utter and total crap.

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