We’re two SurlyGurls brought together by a love of all things awesome and an equal hate of all things which are an affront to awesomeness everywhere.

When we love something, we LOVE it!
But when we hate something…oh boy….do we HATE it!

Right now we’re planning on updating this once a week. We don’t want to overwhelm you all with the sheer greatness of this blog.

Here are some things that we will be both gushing and ranting about.

Awesome Things:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Television
  • Comics
  • Books
  • Viral videos and social media

Feel free to leave a comment. Your opinion counts…as long as it’s the same as ours.

Whitney and Andrea are Passionate about Pop Culture!



  1. Haha I love this “Your opinion counts…as long as it’s the same as ours”

  2. What happens if you guys don’t agree on something?

  3. omg. This better not be my little pony stuff!!! ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! That video was awesome and I just felt the need to share it on here because it is hilarious. I love how excited he got over the light sabres (as long as it wasn’t qui-gon-jinn). I can’t believe I am only just seeing this now. And what is wrong with his brother by the way??? Special.

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