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The 32nd Annual Razzie Award Nominations

As per their special 2012 schedule, the RAZZIE nominations were announced on Saturday. It was no great surprise that Adam Sandler led the nominations, but what did come as a bit of a shock was just how many nominations he earned.

Little Billy Madison churned out an unprecedented amount of cinematic garbage this year and all his hard work didn’t go unnoticed. His contributions to ‘Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star’, ‘Jack & Jill’ and ‘Just Go With It’ earned him an outstanding 11 nominations!!

This record-breaking achievement crowns Sandler with the title of the most RAZZIE nominations in a single year. Thanks in part to Sandler’s annoying, unfunny and unconvincing role as his twin sister, he was able to more than double the five nominations that earned Eddie Murphy the title back in 2007.

That note-worthy haul gets even more impressive when you take into account that the RAZZIE’s only have TEN categories! We think it will be quite a while before anyone is able to outshine Adam Sandler and his truly embarrassing 2011 offerings.

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The Oscar’s Best And Worst Gowns – And Angelina Jolie’s Gams

Looks like Oscar wasn’t the only precious metal out on the town last night. The ladies of Hollywood were rocking some serious metallics on the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

We were actually surprised, it was harder coming up with the worst dressed list this time around, as the ladies really seemed to kick it up for the biggest party of the year. There were some bad choices, but they were fewer and further between than on most red carpets. And, none of them were the kind of Cher-gone-Las-Vegas-Show-Girl disaster that have plague the awards season in the past.

We really weren’t expecting the level of glamour and sparkle and WOW that we got from Milla Jovovich. In fact, we didn’t really expect to see the ‘Resident Evil’ hottie at the awards at all. But good God damn! THAT is how you should look at the Oscar’s.

Poor Shailene Woodley however, tops our list of the worst dressed this year. She looks like she’s just escaped the destruction of Alderaann, all she needed was those iconic buns. Everyone seems to be praising this dress, but we just don’t get it. She’s 21 years old, not 81. She personifies frumpy.

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And The Academy Award Goes To…

It was a great night for movies about ‘The Movies’! Both of the big winners last night – taking 5 awards each – were love letters to the history of film. While ‘The Artist’ cleaned up in almost all of the major awards (sorry Bernice Bejo), ‘Hugo’ won almost all of the technical awards.

Well, we don’t like to brag…wait, yes we do…but we definitely kicked some ass this time around on our picks! Together we got an amazing 20 out of 24 right this year! That is an amazing 83% accuracy. (For those of your keeping track, Andrea won the pool this year with 18 right. Whitney was the weak link this time, with 14)

How great was Billy Crystal?! His musical number was hilarious and his comic timing was perfect. It was such a nice change to watch someone who seemed at home and natural hosting. We’re really hoping that the Academy are already wooing him for next year. And, if at all possible, ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ should be incorporated every year as well.

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The SurlyGurls Predict The Academy Award Winners

The 84th Annual Academy Awards ceremony is all set to run this Sunday and we SurlyGurls are pretty EXCITED! Billy Crystal is back to host, which is a real treat considering Eddie Murphy was originally scheduled to host. Let’s not forget the terrible hosts that have plagued the show over the last couple years! Do you remember how awful Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were when they hosted!?! On paper they sounded like such an awesome choice, but in reality it was almost unwatchable!!

But, that was years ago and there is no need to focus on that now! Let’s turn our attention to this year and get on to our predictions!! We’ve carefully considered each category and here’s how we think things are going to go down on Sunday night.

Best Picture

AndreaThe Artist – I love this movie! This unique little French film is a delight to watch. It is an uplifting and stylish homage to the early days of Hollywood. Everything about this movie is pure, innocent and full of romance. Again, I loved this movie!! Hands down, ‘The Artist’ is the best film of the year.

Whitney – The Artist – There is no way this won’t win. It’s all anyone is talking about. It’s amazing. It’s silent and in black and white and one of the most talked about films of 2012.

Best Director

Andrea – Michel Hazanavicius – Hazanavicius took a big risk with this picture, but his creativity, skill and direction turned it into one of the best movies of the year. He’s been receiving praise and accolades at every turn and he’s leaving the Kodak Theatre without a statue!

Whitney – Michel Hazanavicius – Another no brainer, really. How can you give the best picture to a movie and then not give the director the award as well? Plus, it takes real talent to bring out the subtle nuances and emotions from actors without any dialogue.

Best Actor

Andrea – Jean Dujardin – His performance is the very foundation of this movie. Dujardin carries the film with body language, facial expressions and his contagious and endearing smile. This truly outstanding performance is visibly richer and more vibrant than any of the other nominations.

Whitney – Jean Dujardin – The man says more with his eyebrows than most actors say in an entire page of dialogue. Brad and George will have to duke it out another time, their good looks and popularity won’t win out this time.

Best Actress

Andrea – Viola Davis – I was routing for Davis to grab the Golden Globe for her exceptional performance, but Meryl Streep nabbed it instead. But, in spite of that fact, I have a feeling that Davis will take home the little gold guy. Also, I really want to see her give the acceptance speech!

Whitney – Meryl Streep – I didn’t see The Iron Lady, and while I am a huge Anglophile, and love (almost) all things to do with Britain, I just have no desire to see it. I would really like to see Viola Davis win this, but how can you beat Ms. Streep?

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Countdown to the Oscars!

Well, you’ve had plenty of time to mull over the Oscar nominations and with a week to go before the telecast it is time to really focus and finalize those picks as well as put the finishing touches on your Oscar TV viewing party!

What’s that? You’re stuck for party ideas? No worries, here’s a few you can steal and pass off as your own. Personally, we love the idea of incorporating the nominated movies into the party theme.

So, this year why not host a party with a black-and-white dress code or even a roaring 20s style costume party in celebration of ‘The Artist’. Nothing like some flapper dresses and pinstriped suits to add some razzle dazzle to your shindig! Though, the film is set during the prohibition years and we certainly would not be merging that into our party theme!
(The SurlyGurls love their adult beverages!)

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Midseason T.V. Premieres – Feb 12, 2012

Comic fans rejoice, for tonight is going to be a good one for you!

Finally, after months of waiting, ‘The Walking Dead‘ will return to AMC tonight at 9 PM. We can’t even imagine what is going to happen now that Shane went on his psycho rampage and killed all the barn zombies and poor Rick had to shoot Sophia in the head. Personally, we’re hoping the group runs Shane out of town (so to speak) that guy is bad news. We can’t wait to see what happens and how disgusting things are going to get from here on out. (Seriously, cutting open a zombie and digging through it’s stomach to find remains of what it ate….yeesh.)

Also on AMC tonight at 10 PM is the premiere of the 6-part series ‘Comic Men‘. The series will take place at comic shop ‘Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash’ – fanboy-extraordinaire Kevin Smith’s New Jersey store. Along with a cast of what we can just imagine are some of the kookiest characters on T.V., the show will let those of us on the outside see exactly what comic book fanboys get really excited about.

[ Image Credit: Photo by Gene Page/AMC]

Complete List of 2012 DGA Awards Winners!

The Screen Actors Guild wasn’t the only group dishing out awards Sunday night. The Director’s Guild of America was also patting themselves on the back.

The Artist‘ director Michel Hazanavicius received top honours from the Guild.

What does this mean for your potential Oscar Picks!? Well, let us tell you!

Winning the Directors Guild of America Award makes Hazanavicius your best bet to take home the gold in your Office Oscar Pool!!

Almost without fail, the winner of the DGA award has won the Academy Award. Since they started handing out DGA awards back in 1948, there have only been six instances in which the DGA winner left the Oscars empty-handed. The most recent being in 2002. ONLY SIX!

Also, this means you should probably pick “The Artist” for the win too. Here’s some more interesting stats for you! There is only 13 times in which the winner’s film didn’t stroll off with a Best Picture statuette at the Oscars. The most recent of these was in 2005.

You’re Welcome.

The list of Directors Guild of America Award winners are listed below.

Outstanding Directorial Achievement In Feature Film
Michel Hazanavicius · The Artist

Movies For Television And Mini-Series
Jon Cassar · The Kennedys
[Reelz Channel] 

Dramatic Series
Patty Jenkins · The Killing – “Pilot”

Comedy Series
Robert B. Weide · Curb Your Enthusiasm – “Palestinian Chicken”

Musical Variety
Glenn Weiss · 65th Annual Tony Awards

Reality Programs
Neil P. Degroot · Biggest Loser – “Episode #1115”

Outstanding Achievement In Documentary Film
James Marsh · Project Nim

Daytime Serials
William Ludel · General Hospital – “Intervention”

Children’s Programs
Amy Schatz · A Child’s Garden of Poetry

Noam Murro · Heineken Premium Light, DirecTV, Volkswagen, EA Battlefield 3
[Biscuit Filmworks

[image credit: Provided courtesy of AP / Dan Steinberg]
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