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The Dictator reacts to Oscars ban

Yesterday, The Republic of Wadiya Media and Admiral General Aladeen released this video response to being banned from the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday.

His Excellency begins with a pretty cheery greeting for the “Great Satan of America”, but then he quickly turns on the crazy. Sacha Baron Cohen and his Kramer wig (both on his head and chin) go on and on about injustice and freedom of speech and Hilary Swank… and who knew Admiral General Aladeen was such a Meg Ryan fan?

And it’s not like we don’t get what Sacha Baron Cohen is doing. We do. But, holy shit! It’s getting boring! It’s the same routine. A bunch of sexist and racist jokes delivered by some strangely adorable character who doesn’t know any better. We saw in ‘Borat’ and ‘Brüno’ and here it is again in ‘The Dictator’. Don’t get us wrong, we think Cohen and his movies are funny, but it’s just we’re already bored with ‘The Dictator’ and the movie isn’t scheduled to be released until May!

…Granted, his sign off is funny.


Christmas Comes Early for Francis the Fanboy!

Here’s our favourite video so far this holiday season!

Perfectly illustrating the spirit of the season, some greedy fat guy gets an early Christmas present yet continues being ungrateful and rude to the person who gave it to him… and everyone else around.

But, on the plus side, it’s damn funny! Like, really damn funny!

Super-star Francis is the personification of sad, lonely fan-boy. Like, he originally asked if it was ‘My Little Pony‘ stuff…?! Yikes! That’s some kinda sad for a grown man!! Look in your heart! You know it to be true!

“This better not be that Qui-Gon Jin shit”.

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