Love Letters & Hate Mail

Hate Mail: ‘Last Man Standing’

We just tuned in to watch the premiere episode of ‘Last Man Standing’ and hated it even more than we ever imagined was even possible! Every single moment of which it was broadcast was offensive. It’s as if your company was transmitting pure, concentrated ignorant hatred across the airwaves.

In the first five minutes, the wife and daughters are anticipating the big “Tool Man’s” glorious return home from a business trip and no time is wasted making them all look like complete idiots. Oh, correction; the only one that is not really painted with the ‘idiot brush’ is the tomboy daughter. Shocking!

Finally, when the man of the house does arrive home, fresh from his trip to Alaska, he throws a giant fish down on the kitchen table and tells the wife to cook it up while he has a shower! Not to mention, the daughters have been sitting there working on a “Welcome Home Dad!” poster to which he paid no attention before walking away.

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Love Letter: ‘Firefly’

So yesterday I read an article about Sean Maher, and his revealing that he is gay on his new show ‘The Playboy Club’.

The ensuing words of support and love from the rest of the ‘Firefly’ cast on Twitter reminded me of why a show that lasted only one season has become such a big part of who I am.

Some people think that letting a television show influence the person you are is a laughable thing. They think that your life must be empty of anything else, which is far from the truth, at least in my case.

What I learned most on ‘Firefly’ is that family isn’t just who lives in your house. It’s the people who you choose to have around you. It can turn out that your family is a bunch of outcasts, people who couldn’t find a place for themselves in society who have all come together from different places to form a new family.

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