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C2E2 Round Up – The SurlyGurls Favourite’s From Artist Alley

One of our favourite things about attending comic conventions is the chance to be surrounded by artistic and creative people. We spent an inordinate amount of time walking the aisles of Artist Alley at C2E2 this year, blowing most of our money on prints and original artworks.

Aside from broadening our already large collections of art from cons all over North America, we got to meet some of the nicest, most talented people we have ever had the chance to chat with. Not only does it mean more when you learn the story behind the prints you’re buying, but it also tends to give Andrea the desire to draw and draw and draw whenever we return home. (She’s the creative genius behind our SurlyGurls yelling faces!)

We thought we would enlighten you all with some of our favourite artists that we met this year. They are all 100% worthy of your time, so you should check them out…NOW!

Mark Brooks

One of the coolest things that happened this year was a small Twitter sensation over our friend Matt Graham’s commissioned piece from Mark Brooks. Matt had Mark sketch Kristen Stewart as the new Snow White from the upcoming film ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’.

The Mark Brooks commission of Snow White our friend Matt received at C2E2

Brooks is best known for his exclusive partnership with Marvel, having contributed art work to many of their most popular titles including Marvel Age, Cable & Deadpool, The Amazing Spiderman and New X-Men.

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Midseason T.V. Premieres – Jan 13, 2012

Happy Friday The 13th everyone!

In keeping with the surreal nature of the day, G4 is premiering their new anime version of ‘Blade’ at 11 PM. Everyone’s favourite half-vampire, half-human gets the Marvel Anime treatment in this new half-hour long series. The animation looks amazing in the 30-second trailer we’ve seen, so it may be worth tuning in if you get home from your night-out a little early.

‘Fringe’ returns to Fox at 9 PM tonight after it’s holiday break. While we’re glad Peter is back in the picture, we’ve got to admit, we’re losing interest real quick in this new team dynamic. It’s just not the same with Peter being an outcast. We’re hoping that tonight’s new episode has some sort of giant revelation, as the show seems to be in some sort of weird holding pattern. Anytime the Observers show up there’s bound to be a breakthrough.

***Update: We were just going to throw ‘Grimm‘ into the also returning section down there and pretend that we did not forget our beloved Detective Burkhardt when we originally posted this. But we just love this show so much we’re willing to admit we were….gasp….wrong. It doesn’t happen often, don’t get used to it! Nick and Munroe are back tonight at 9 PM on NBC!!***

Also returning tonight:

Kitchen Nightmares – FOX 8 PM

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