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Chuck vs. The SurlyGurls: Reactions to the Finale

“I love Chuck Bartowski, and I don’t know what to do about it.” You and us all, Sarah Walker!

Friday night NBC aired the two-hour series finale of ‘Chuck’ and we were definitely not prepared for the emotional roller coaster it took us on. As we sat eating our Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwiches from Subway, we quickly realized that our napkins would be used for wiping away tears, not teriyaki sauce. (Just because we’re Surly, doesn’t mean we don’t have hearts, and Mr. Bartowski stole them 5 years ago.)

It was quite a surprise when Super-Spy Sarah, who we already knew was on a mission to kill Chuck, showed up bruised and bloody and knocking on his door two minutes into the first hour. We thought the writers would make us wait a lot longer for the reunion of memory-wiped Sarah and love-will-conquer-all Chuck. It was brutal watching her lie straight to his face, cuddling up and pretending to love him still, all while being fed info from the villainous Quinn. Our heartbreak was only deepened as we watched Chuck become suspicious of the woman he loved, as he knew instantly that she wasn’t the Sarah he married. (Side note: Peter Bishop needs to take a few lessons from Chuck, as he couldn’t even tell that he was dating a completely different human entity when Fauxlivia showed up on ‘Fringe’)

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Midseason T.V. Premieres – Jan. 27, 2012

Hello friends, it’s been a little while since we’ve had a premiere to tell you about, and tonight there are two! How lucky are we?!

On Discovery tonight the Gold Rush is alive and well, albeit with a lot more high-tech gear than a pan and sieves. At 10 PM, ‘Bearing Sea Gold’ delves into the lives of the new-age gold miners in Nome, Alaska. The series premiere will introduce us to the crews of four different custom-built rigs looking for gold under the Bering Sea. At least this is reality that we can actually stomach to watch. At least these people have an actual job!

If glamourized “historical” dramas are more your thing, Starz has the premiere of ‘Spartacus: Vengeance’ at 10 PM as well. Spartacus fans were devastated when Andy Whitfield died in September 2011, so this premiere will be the first test to see if his replacement, Liam McIntyre, will make the role his.

While both of these premieres seem like they could be interesting, the SurlyGurls will be tuning into NBC at 8 PM for the 2 hour series finale of ‘Chuck’. To read our thoughts on our favourite Nerd’s last spy mission check out our blog, The Little Spy That Could: The SurlyGurls Say So Long To ‘Chuck’

The Little Spy That Could – SurlyGurls Say So Long To ‘Chuck’


The Burbank branch of Buy More is having a liquidation sale and will close forever in three days. Our beloved Nerd Herders will be out of a job as of 10 PM Friday night as the series finale of ‘Chuck’ comes to an end.

Since 2007 we’ve been loyal viewers of the unlikely spy and his team of outcasts and we’re sad to see them go. There will be no more impromptu, poorly timed Jeffster! shows, no more Subway product placements, no more thinly veiled excuses for Sarah to disrobe and no more reasons for Casey to grunt or snarl in response to pretty much any questions thrown his way. It’s a sad day indeed.

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Friday Night’s T.V. Premieres!

So the premieres are few and far between these days, but tonight is going to be a good one! And it’s all about NBC!

At 8 PM we have the return of everyone’s favourite nerd herder, ‘Chuck’. To be honest, if this were season two we’d be having a premiere party complete with Subway and pocket protectors. However, after last season we are kind of falling out of love with our adorable, unlikely spy. Unless of course they pull out all the stops and FINALLY go with Andrea’s idea of an intersect virus that makes Morgan evil. That we would love to see!

Then, at 9 PM is the official premiere of ‘Grimm’. We know you know we love this show already. But it goes without saying, we’ll be watching it again tonight. It’s just so good, and with the premiere on tonight that mean it’s only one week until the next episode! We can’t wait to see what happens!

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