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C2E2 Round Up – The SurlyGurls Favourite’s From Artist Alley

One of our favourite things about attending comic conventions is the chance to be surrounded by artistic and creative people. We spent an inordinate amount of time walking the aisles of Artist Alley at C2E2 this year, blowing most of our money on prints and original artworks.

Aside from broadening our already large collections of art from cons all over North America, we got to meet some of the nicest, most talented people we have ever had the chance to chat with. Not only does it mean more when you learn the story behind the prints you’re buying, but it also tends to give Andrea the desire to draw and draw and draw whenever we return home. (She’s the creative genius behind our SurlyGurls yelling faces!)

We thought we would enlighten you all with some of our favourite artists that we met this year. They are all 100% worthy of your time, so you should check them out…NOW!

Mark Brooks

One of the coolest things that happened this year was a small Twitter sensation over our friend Matt Graham’s commissioned piece from Mark Brooks. Matt had Mark sketch Kristen Stewart as the new Snow White from the upcoming film ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’.

The Mark Brooks commission of Snow White our friend Matt received at C2E2

Brooks is best known for his exclusive partnership with Marvel, having contributed art work to many of their most popular titles including Marvel Age, Cable & Deadpool, The Amazing Spiderman and New X-Men.

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The SurlyGurls Head To The Windy City for C2E2

“The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo — also known as C2E2 — is a convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. C2E2 is lovingly handcrafted by the same people that bring you the New York Comic Con. Come meet your favorite comic artists, creators and celebrities, and mingle with other comic con fans in Chicago. C2E2 is the con Chicago needs and the con you deserve!”

The longest day of your life is the day you spend sitting at your desk, watching the clock countdown to your escape from work. That was exactly what happened to us on Thursday as we waited for our C2E2 adventure to begin.

Our good friends Lenna and Matt Graham – both of who are also pop culture addicts and super creative; Lenna works as a graphic artist and Matt is a fantastic artist and comic-book blogger – picked us up and we hit the road for our epic midnight road-trip to Chicago.

We got a quick bit of sleep in Benton Harbor, MI and started out for the last two hours of our drive first thing in the morning. What none of us accounted for: crossing into a different time zone. We ended up dropping Matt – who had to pick up his press pass – at McCormick Place a good hour before the doors opened. We quickly checked into the hotel, dropped our suitcases and headed back ourselves to pick up our passes and start the weekend.

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Conspectus · Customized My Little Pony

Who doesn’t love those adorable ‘My Little Pony’ toys?!, Certainly no one we know! Though, it’s no great secret that we prefer the 80s toys to the new ones. You know, before the re-imaging that made them too skinny and gave them all freakishly long legs!

But, Hasbro isn’t the only one who’s doing some re-imagining with the ponies! The Internet is full of artists who have crafted these magical little creatures into a wide variety of other pop culture characters.

So, we’ve put together a gallery of our favourite, wildly impressive customized ‘My Little Pony’ sculptures for your viewing pleasure! After all, that’s the magic of friendship!!

Let’s start with some customization based on other popular 80s cartoon characters:


Care Bears

Wish Bear – Looks like someone wished to be a Pony!

Rainbow Brite

Starlite – The  most magnificent Pony in all of Rainbow Land!

She-Ra – Princess of Power

Swift Wind – Such an improvement from boring ol’ Spirit!

These 80s cartoon character ponies are courtesy of Samantha Claridge of the  United Kingdom. She proves there is nothing better than combining the best cartoons of the 80s into one awesome figurine!! Check out her deviantart page for more pony customizations and some pretty awesome drawings! *Spoiler Alert* There is more of her pretty ponies to come!

He-Man – Masters of the Universe

He-Man – By the Power of Greyskull! I am He-Pony!

Skeletor –  Overlord of Evil and sworn enemy of He-Pony!

These two ‘He-Man’ ponies were created by Mari Kasurinen, a mixed-media artist from Finland. She likes art because it’s pretty, and her contributions to our ‘My Little Pony’ conspectus most certainly are very pretty!! So, let’s move into some of her movie customizations – because these are absolutely incredible!!

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The SurlyGurls Countdown to Comic Con

Now that Awards Season is over, it’s time to start booking our vacation time off for the best season of the year: Convention Season. Like angry, dirty bears emerging from their caves in the winter, so to will the nerds be venturing from their parent’s basements to seek out exclusive collectibles and action figures to get them through the long winter nights.

Since our first pilgrimage to San Diego Comic Con in 2010, we’ve come to fully realize what an amazing thing it can be to gather with like-minded nerds to celebrate the popular arts! Anyone who has read our ‘Confessions From A Couple Of Nerdy Girls‘ post, will know how much we LOVED Comic Con. So much so, that this year we will be attending not only SDCC, but also Chicago’s C2E2 and Toronto’s Fan Expo.

First up is C2E2 in a mere three weeks from now, April 13 – 15, at McCormick Place. We have it on good authority (from our friend and fellow blogger Matt Graham) that it is a good god damn time. Maybe not as big and shiny and full of pretty Hollywood faces as SDCC, but a great way to reach out to some of the best comic creators out there.

Having said that, the thing we’re looking most forward to is seeing our favourite Syfy star, Josh Gates, get to come out from behind the moderator’s podium and get his own hour to talk all about his monster hunting adventures.

Aside from that we’re really just looking forward to expanding our graphic novel collections (we’re coming for you Arachaia booth!) and a dream of Andrea’s coming true: getting to heckle and boo that ass-clown Ryan Buell from ‘Paranormal State’. If anyone can force him to tell the secret of his big, bad, vague and often alluded to but never explained “childhood experiences”, its her! There is a reason her mouth is bigger on our little SurlyGurls cartoon!

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Suffering Sappho! Check those Mammaries.

Regardless if you are an Amazonian princess, possess the ability to control the weather, are an exceptional cat burglar or just have a tough time controlling your temper…
you are not immune to breast cancer and need to check those little ladies regularly.

That is the direction the Associação da Luta Contra o Cancer (ALCC) in Mozambique has taken with its nerderific new ad campaign promoting breast cancer awareness.

The PSAs consist of four posters featuring Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Storm and the She-Hulk performing their examinations just about anywhere they damn well please. Personally, we don’t know how exactly you perform a thorough check through a metal breast-plate or a leather catsuit, but at least they’re raising awareness and fighting the enemy… in their boobs!

Hit the jump for three more pics…

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Home Sucks! Top 10 Vacations You’ll Never Take

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

Traveling is one of the greatest things we as human beings do. We explore and wander and experience everything that our amazing planet has to offer. But, wouldn’t it be great to do all those things on a different planet altogether? Here are the planets we would most like to visit. Hurry up and get Virgin Galactic up and running Mr. Branson!

10. Fhloston Paradise (The Fifth Element)

Okay, so not technically a planet, rather the coolest cruise ship ever. You’re greated like you are in Hawaii with beautiful girls giving you fancy flower necklaces and then are whisked away to your luxurious room to freshen up. We imagine the food is outstanding and we all know that the entertainment is top notch. As long as no one shows up and starts shooting the place apart, it’s the greatest vacation we’ll never have.

9. Magrathea’s Factory Floor (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

Nothing would be more awesome than getting to design your very own planet. Not to mention just riding through the factory with Slartibartfast would be insanely inspiring. Seeing all those planets being created would be the single most amazing experience. The rest of the planet seems to be an icy hell with a whole lot of portals, but if that is the way they kept their planet factory a secret, so be it. We’ll give it points as well for the wicked planets and moons that can be seen from the surface.

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New in Theatres · September 23, 2011

If you’re in the mood to see an inspirational movie based on true events then you are going to fall out of your chair when we tell you that FOUR of the FIVE new movies this week are based on true events!! Yup! 80% of the newcomers are those nice award-season friendly “based on a true story…” things. Yes, even the Jason Statham one!

But, if that’s not your scene, you can go watch that werewolf kid play spy games for an hour and a half…

What Are You Really Worth

Directing: Bennett Miller
Writing: Steven Zaillian, Aaron Sorkin (screenplay), Stan Chervin  (story), Michael Lewis (book)
Starring: Brad Pitt, Robin Wright, Jonah Hill, Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Based on the true story of the Oakland Athletics’ general manager who uses some sophisticated computers and statistical analysis to assemble a championship team – for cheap!

Price of Admission will get you Tyler Durden spouting lots of stats-rooted dialogue and inspirational scenes of the determined underdogs overcoming impossible odds.

Running Time · 133 min
Rated · PG-13

The Fight for the Truth Will Be the Fight of His Life

Directing: John Singleton
Writing: Shawn Christensen
Starring: Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver

“Regular” kid learns he was kidnapped as a child and his entire life is a lie. After escaping an agency attack he goes on the run in order to expose the complex conspiracy surrounding him. (This one is NOT based on a true story).

Price of Admission will get you a Twilight-esque version of The ‘Bourne‘ series.

Running Time · 106 min
Rated · PG-13

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