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Conspectus · Sci-Fi Cupcakes!

Prepare for some scrumptiously geeky treats! If there is something we Surly Gurls love it’s Science Fiction… and CUPCAKES! So, we’ve put together a gallery of a dozen seriously awesome sci-fi themed cupcakes! All of the fun yet none of the calories!!

It’s win-win… except we do really want to eat up all those delicious, delicious calories!! Mmmmmmm!!!!


Korina over at Wild Streak Treats made these cupcakes for her friend’s birthday. Yet we would trade them all for a hand phaser, or a good solid club. On second thought, these are too delicious to trade for any weapon!


Keeping with the Star Trek theme, we’re jumping to TheRealJim down at DeviantArt who created these as part of a #StarTrekking DeviantArt assignment. Seven of Nine, you are so sexy in cupcake form!


Vivian created these incredible cupcakes for her husband’s birthday!! Her blog-o-rama has tons of up close and personal shots of all of the cupcake characters. What she has done here should make HER the Hero of Canton!!

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