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Box Office Results · March 25, 2012

Over the weekend ‘The Hunger Games’ feasted on essentially all of the money going into movie theatres! All of it!!

In three days Katniss and Company reaped an astounding $155M to dominate the Box Office. Let’s review the extensive list of records this movie broke since its release on Friday:

First of all, it is the third-best debut of all time, sitting just behind ‘The Dark Knight’ ($158M) and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2’ ($169M). It is also the best opening for any film outside of the summer blockbuster season as well as the biggest opening for a non-sequel.

The big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel captured an estimated $68M on Friday alone, making it the fifth-best opening day ever.

Also, ‘The Hunger Games’ pulled in a nice chunk of change from its IMAX release. But, if you’d like to see it in the staggering majesty of IMAX you’d better hurry because it’s a limited one-week engagement. This Friday all the Tributes gets the boot for ‘Wrath of the Titans’.

Be sure to check out our review of ‘The Hunger Games’.

Since we’re chatting about sci-fi book-to-movie adaptations, let’s briefly touch on the fact that ‘John Carter’, which cost Disney $250M to make has only pulled in $62.3M in three weeks – that is less than ‘The Hunger Games’ grossed in one day… and it only cost Lionsgate $80M to produce. Yikes!

What’s that? Oh yeah, there were other movies that opened on Friday! The drama ‘October Baby’ entered the top ten in the 8th position with a decent $1.7M in just under 400 theatres.

Here is the estimated breakdown of the weekend totals:


Movie Title

Weekend Gross Total Gross Week
1 The Hunger Games $155,000,000 $155,000,000 1
2 1 21 Jump Street $21,300,000 $71,051,000 2
3 2 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $13,100,000 $177,300,000 4
4 3 John Carter $5,014,000 $62,347,000 3
5 5 Act of Valor $2,062,000 $65,942,000 5
6 4 Project X $1,950,000 $51,752,000 4
7 6 A Thousand Words $1,925,000 $14,926,000 3
8 October Baby $1,718,000 $1,718,000 1
9 7 Safe House $1,400,000 $122,600,000 7
10 8 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island $1,373,000 $97,155,000 7


[Image Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment]

Box Office Results · March 18, 2012

For reasons that completely elude us, EVERYONE seems to love Channing Tatum! It’s only March and here is his second big Box Office win of the year! And he has two more movies scheduled for release in June! But, let’s give Jonah Hill some credit too! He is fresh off an Oscar nomination and is all BFF with Brangelina now!

So, it’s really no surprise that the comedy pairing of “Unstoppable Channing Tatum” and “Skinny Jonah Hill” proved to be a winning combination. ‘21 Jump Street’ easily leapt past ‘Dr. Suess’ The Lorax’ to grab the top spot at the Box Office with $35M.

Will Ferrell’s Spanish-language movie ‘Casa de Mi Padre’ opened in just under 400 theatres over the weekend yet still managed to pull in $2.2M for a debut in the 9th position. People sure do love that guy too!!

Here is the estimated breakdown of the weekend totals:

TW LW Movie Title Weekend Gross Total Gross Week
1 21 Jump Street $35,000,000 $35,000,000 1
2 1 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $22,800,000 $158,400,000 3
3 2 John Carter $13,515,000 $53,172,000 2
4 3 Project X $4,005,000 $48,131,000 3
5 6 A Thousand Words $3,750,000 $12,103,000 2
6 4 Act of Valor $3,678,000 $62,398,000 4
7 7 Safe House $2,800,000 $120,200,000 6
8 10 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island $2,460,000 $95,066,000 6
9 Casa De Mi Padre $2,200,000 $2,200,000 1
10 9 This Means War $2,125,000 $50,525,000 5


 [Image Credit: Columbia Pictures]

Box Office Results · March 11, 2012

Well, after the dust settled ‘The Lorax’ is still your Box Office champion. That orange little environmentalist totally defeated ‘John Carter’ and has also gone on to become the most profitable movie so far of 2012! Earning almost $122 million in only 10 days! At least it’s no longer ‘The Vow’.

Disney’s wildly expensive ‘John Carter’ pulled in just a little over what experts were predicting, but still had a disappointing opening. The sci-fi flick debuted in the number two spot with just over $30.6M. It’s sad that the movie based on books that influenced so many sci-fi classics (Star Wars, Avatar) just ended up looking like a rip-off of those earlier films.

Eddie Murphy continues to be box office poison with his recent flick earning only $6.4M and a spot just out of the Top Five. Apparently ‘A Thousand Words’ is so unspeakably bad it has joined the few movies with the rare 0% rating on

Not to be outdone on the ole “crap-o-meter”, the horror movie ‘Silent House’ managed to accomplish the rare  “F” CinemaScore rating! Making it the second found-footage horror movie to gain that honour this year; the first being ‘The Devil Inside’. ‘Silent House’ also scared up $7.0M and a debut in the fourth spot.

Here is the estimated breakdown of the weekend totals:

TW LW Movie Title Weekend Gross Total Gross Week
1 1 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $39,100,000 $121,950,000 2
2 John Carter $30,603,000 $30,603,000 1
3 2 Project X $11,550,000 $40,125,000 2
4 Silent House $7,010,000 $7,010,000 1
5 3 Act of Valor $7,000,000 $56,100,597 3
6 A Thousand Words $6,350,000 $6,350,000 1
7 4 Safe House $5,000,000 $115,800,000 5
8 7 The Vow $4,000,000 $117,614,000 5
9 8 This Means War $3,750,000 $46,889,000 4
10 6 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island $3,685,000 $90,716,000 5


[Image Credit: Universal Pictures]

Box Office Results · March 04, 2012

Families were out in full force over the weekend to support that grouchy little tree-huggerThe Lorax’. The animated adaptation pulled in a record-breaking $70.7M, easily winning the top spot at the box office!! This marks the best opening for a Dr. Suess adaptation ever as well as the top opening of 2012, crushing the $41.2M debut ‘The Vow’ received only a few weeks ago. Take that, Channing Tatum!

Though, the teen party comedy ‘Project X’ didn’t shatter any records it did still make a pretty decent showing with $20.8M, debuting in the second position.

Also, hot off its Oscar success last weekend, ‘The Artist’ cracked the top ten over the weekend with $3.9M. This makes us happy!

Here is the estimated breakdown of the weekend totals:

TW LW Movie Title Weekend Gross Total Gross Week
1 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $70,700,000 $70,700,000 1
2 Project X $20,775,000 $20,775,000 1
3 1 Act of Valor $13,700,000 $45,239,000 2
4 4 Safe House $7,200,000 $108,200,000 4
5 2 Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds $7,000,000 $25,745,000 2
6 3 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island $6,925,000 $85,611,000 4
7 5 The Vow $6,100,000 $111,712,000 4
8 7 This Means War $5,625,000 $41,464,000 3
9 6 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance $4,700,000 $44,881,000 3
10 13 The Artist $3,900,000 $37,088,000 15


[Image Credit: Universal Pictures]

The SurlyGurls Predict The Academy Award Winners

The 84th Annual Academy Awards ceremony is all set to run this Sunday and we SurlyGurls are pretty EXCITED! Billy Crystal is back to host, which is a real treat considering Eddie Murphy was originally scheduled to host. Let’s not forget the terrible hosts that have plagued the show over the last couple years! Do you remember how awful Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were when they hosted!?! On paper they sounded like such an awesome choice, but in reality it was almost unwatchable!!

But, that was years ago and there is no need to focus on that now! Let’s turn our attention to this year and get on to our predictions!! We’ve carefully considered each category and here’s how we think things are going to go down on Sunday night.

Best Picture

AndreaThe Artist – I love this movie! This unique little French film is a delight to watch. It is an uplifting and stylish homage to the early days of Hollywood. Everything about this movie is pure, innocent and full of romance. Again, I loved this movie!! Hands down, ‘The Artist’ is the best film of the year.

Whitney – The Artist – There is no way this won’t win. It’s all anyone is talking about. It’s amazing. It’s silent and in black and white and one of the most talked about films of 2012.

Best Director

Andrea – Michel Hazanavicius – Hazanavicius took a big risk with this picture, but his creativity, skill and direction turned it into one of the best movies of the year. He’s been receiving praise and accolades at every turn and he’s leaving the Kodak Theatre without a statue!

Whitney – Michel Hazanavicius – Another no brainer, really. How can you give the best picture to a movie and then not give the director the award as well? Plus, it takes real talent to bring out the subtle nuances and emotions from actors without any dialogue.

Best Actor

Andrea – Jean Dujardin – His performance is the very foundation of this movie. Dujardin carries the film with body language, facial expressions and his contagious and endearing smile. This truly outstanding performance is visibly richer and more vibrant than any of the other nominations.

Whitney – Jean Dujardin – The man says more with his eyebrows than most actors say in an entire page of dialogue. Brad and George will have to duke it out another time, their good looks and popularity won’t win out this time.

Best Actress

Andrea – Viola Davis – I was routing for Davis to grab the Golden Globe for her exceptional performance, but Meryl Streep nabbed it instead. But, in spite of that fact, I have a feeling that Davis will take home the little gold guy. Also, I really want to see her give the acceptance speech!

Whitney – Meryl Streep – I didn’t see The Iron Lady, and while I am a huge Anglophile, and love (almost) all things to do with Britain, I just have no desire to see it. I would really like to see Viola Davis win this, but how can you beat Ms. Streep?

(read the rest of this entry to find out who we’ve picked to win in the remaining categories…)

Read the rest of this entry

Box Office Results · February 20, 2012

Many of us had the luxury of long weekends this week, with Family Day in most of Canada and President’s Day in the States. But, it appears that not many of us wanted to spend any of it with Nicolas Cage and his unique brand of “whisper yelling”.

Though, when you make the late night talk show rounds and all anyone wants to talk about is the rumours of you being a vampire and how insane the directors are… it’s probably not a good sign. So no surprise that ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ stalled at the starting line and finished the box office race in the third position with $22.1M.

So while ‘Ghost Rider’ essentially crashed and burned, ‘Safe House’ leapfrogged over ‘The Vow’ and claimed the top position earning $23.8M this weekend.

This Means War’ also failed to find an audience this weekend, landing in fifth position with $17.4M. Perhaps if it had been only a romantic comedy or only an action flick it would have had better numbers. Seems the blending of the rom-com and action styles just confused the majority of moviegoers.

The anime film ‘The Secret World of Arrietty’ by the adored Hayao Miyazaki snuck into the top ten with $6.5M. You may think that debuting in the ninth position is nothing to cheer about, but Arrietty actually is the most successful opening of any of the Disney-distributed Miyazaki films. It is also makes it the fifth-highest anime debut in the U.S., just behind one ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ and three ‘Pokémon’ movies. It appears that if the little Borrowers had been jumping out of balls or playing cards and fighting each other it would have been unstoppable!

Here is the estimated breakdown of the weekend totals:



Movie Title

Weekend Gross

Total Gross


1 2 Safe House $23,800,000 $78,100,000 2
2 1 The Vow $23,100,000 $85,027,000 2
3 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance $22,100,000 $22,100,000 1
4 3 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island $19,920,000 $53,036,000 2
5 This Means War $17,385,000 $18,995,000 1
6 4 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (3D) $8,000,000 $33,873,000 2
7 5 Chronicle $7,625,000 $51,104,000 3
8 6 The Woman in Black $6,710,000 $45,321,000 3
9 The Secret World of Arrietty $6,457,000 $6,457,000 1
10 7 The Grey $3,142,000 $48,035,000 4


[Image Credit: Universal Pictures]

Cost of Living: Monsters vs. Security Guards

‘Cost of Living’ is an awesome little sci-fi short written and directed by first-time movie maker BenDavid Grabinski. Damn! We think we’re in love!! ♥

It features Bret Harrison (ReaperBreaking In) and Brandon Routh (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Chuck) as Silas and Jerry; two average guys working a dead-end job for an evil, monster-creating organization. It’s essentially a day in the life of the security guards at the Umbrella Corporation or Aperture ScienceSpeaking of Aperture Science, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Thing) even does a wicked pseudo-GLADoS impression in her cameo as the voice of the computer.

Also, we’d like the record to show that we totally agree with Jerry regarding the necessity of memory guide posts! They are so important!

The full film is now online; you will be a better person for having watched it.
We’ve conveniently embedded it right there for you! Watch it now!

[ via Fo Industries ]

Reactions? Worth the buzz it got at Fantastic Fest last year?

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