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Midseason T.V. Premieres – Jan 10, 2012

It’s all about competition tonight on television!

The crazy women of ‘Dance Moms’ return at 8 PM on Lifetime tonight. If there was ever an argument for keeping little girls out of competitive dance classes, this show is it. It still amazes us that there are women out there who will spend every penny they make on sequinned costumes and cross-country trips just so their kid can win a competition.

A&E is premiering their newest competition show tonight at 9 PM. ‘Shipping Wars’ is the third “wars” show the channel has produced and looks to follow the formula pretty close. The truckers on ‘Shipping Wars’ bid for the chance to haul unusual cargo across America, taking anything from million dollar luxury cars to camels.

Not to be outdone, Bravo is premiering ‘Tabitha Takes Over’ tonight at 10 PM. Tabitha and her always perfect hair are branching out from just salons and helping all kinds of small business owners. She’ll even be taking on a doggie hotel this season. She’s like the prettier, nicer, female version of Gordon Ramsey.

However, what we’ll be tuning into tonight is ‘The L.A. Complex’ tonight at 9 PM on Muchmusic or CTV here in Canada. It’s our beloved Jewel Staite’s new show about actors trying to make it in L.A. Sorry to our American friends, you’ll have to wait until the spring to see it when The CW picks it up.

Whitney’s Love Letter To Firefly

So yesterday I read an article about Sean Maher, and his revealing that he is gay on his new show ‘The Playboy Club’. (

The ensuing words of support and love from the rest of the ‘Firefly’ cast on Twitter reminded me of why a show that lasted only one season has become such a big part of who I am.

Some people think that letting a television show influence the person you are is a laughable thing. They think that your life must be empty of anything else, which is far from the truth, at least in my case.

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