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Midseason T.V. Premieres – Jan 2, 2012

The turkey has been eaten, the presents unwrapped and we’ve rung in 2012. Now it’s time to get back to what’s really important this time of year…midseason premieres!

It’s all about ABC tonight in T.V. land.

At 8 PM those secret keeping ladies are back in the winter premiere of ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Rumour has it that ‘A’ will be revealed, so for those of you out there who care about this show, it could be an exciting night for you.

As if that isn’t enough, the return of ‘The Lying Game’ begins at 9 PM. This is a show based on a fake series of books from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ about twins separated at birth who find each other as teenagers. It’s essentially ‘The Parent Trap’ with less wholesome hijinks and more sex and scandals.

Also premiering tonight:

It’s A Brad, Brad World – Bravo 10 PM
Hoarders – A&E 9 PM
Intervention – A&E 10 PM

Thursday Night T.V. Premiere!

Booth and Brennan (and BABY!) are back for the premiere of the 7th season of ‘Bones!’

There is unrest in the SurlyGurls camp about the direction the show has been taking lately. Andrea is not impressed with how they used the death of Vincent Nigel Murray as a catalyst for Booth and Brennan to FINALLY get together. Whitney on the other hand thinks that anything that allows her characters to be together – as they should be – is just fine! However, we still both agree, it should have been Wendell!

We shall see how they handle the whole pregnancy thing tonight at 9 PM on Fox!

2012 Could Apparently Be The End Of Days…For CDs

We have heard some news tonight that has sent us into a rage/depression spiral. Apparently, the major labels have decided to put an end to CD production by the end of 2012, possibly sooner. They will still keep fancy, expensive special editions, which is a mystery as only hardcore collectors purchase those now. A world without CD’s is not a world we want to live in, maybe it’s best that it’s scheduled to end next year after all.

Let us preface this rant by explaining something. We FUCKING LOVE music. Our T.V. and film passion is a little more all-consuming at the moment, but our entire friendship was built on a mutual love of rock and roll. Together we have seen approximately 550 bands ranging from local troubadours to worldwide sensations. We have no idea how much of our money has gone into collecting CD’s, buying concert tickets, and travel to and from music festivals all over North America.

We’ve been alive for a lot of changes in technology and we remember when the CD first came out. Oh boy was it exciting. Gone were the days of rewind, stop, play, rewind some more, stop, play, fast forward, stop etc… You would never have to wind the tape back into your cassette again. Not to mention, you wouldn’t have to listen to five songs, get up, flip it over and listen to the rest. It was new and shiny and easy.

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SurlyGurls Halloween Boonanza! The Top 25 Funniest Horror Movies

Here is a list of our top Halloween movies to watch if you’re a big wussy like Whitney is. These are just a little scary, and sometimes it’s the acting, not the plot! These movies are just a good time had by all to watch. Again, they are in no particular order, just the order in which our brains remembered them.

Ghostbusters (1984) – Three out-of-work parapsychology professors decide to create their own ghost removal business.
Why it’s awesome – The dynamics between the four ghostbusters are amazing. Janine is the shit. Gozar was one of the scariest things we’d ever seen as kids. It’s the ultimate balance of the scary, funny and intelligent.

The Monster Squad (1987) – A group of kids who obsess over monsters get the chance to actually fight classic monsters.
Why it’s awesome – It’s full of loudmouth, smart-ass kids that we could 100% relate to! After over 20 years we still love yelling “Scary German Guy!” and “Wolfman’s got nards!”

Shaun of the Dead (2004) – Super slacker and his simpleton friend don’t realize the zombie apocalypse is happening right outside their front door.
Why it’s awesome – Their master plan is to hide out in a pub! They use records as weapons and lock a zombified Bill Nighy in a car. Not to mention the zombie beat down set to ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen.

Evil Dead 2 (1987) – Dude and his girlfriend break into an “abandoned” cabin and unwittingly unleash evil.
Why it’s awesome – Two words: Bruce Campbell. This is one of the single greatest comedy, gross-out movies EVER!

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (2010) – Two backwoods hicks buy a dilapidated shack in the woods and are terrorized by a group of college kids.
Why it’s awesome – The lovable bromance between Tucker and Dale, the ingenious role-reversal of the college kids and back woods hillbillies. Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of blood and brutally hilarious slaying of the characters.

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Friday Night’s T.V. Premieres!

So the premieres are few and far between these days, but tonight is going to be a good one! And it’s all about NBC!

At 8 PM we have the return of everyone’s favourite nerd herder, ‘Chuck’. To be honest, if this were season two we’d be having a premiere party complete with Subway and pocket protectors. However, after last season we are kind of falling out of love with our adorable, unlikely spy. Unless of course they pull out all the stops and FINALLY go with Andrea’s idea of an intersect virus that makes Morgan evil. That we would love to see!

Then, at 9 PM is the official premiere of ‘Grimm’. We know you know we love this show already. But it goes without saying, we’ll be watching it again tonight. It’s just so good, and with the premiere on tonight that mean it’s only one week until the next episode! We can’t wait to see what happens!

SurlyGurls Scary Movie Spooktacular! The 25 Scariest Movies Of All Time

It’s less than a week until Halloween! That means costumes, candy and scary movies! While looking up the release dates for some of these scary movies we started to question the parenting skills of our families. Seriously, what kind of parents let their 10-year-old kids watch things like It or The Amityville Horror? Of course, these are in no particular order, just the order in which we remembered the trauma they inflicted upon us.

 Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) – Leatherface and  his family kill a group of college kids in a backwoods  community seemingly inhabited only by psychopaths.
 Why it’s scary – The sudden violence and randomness in  which the teenagers are killed is the most horrifying aspect  of this film. Unlike the remake that looks like a wet t-shirt contest/music video, this film is gritty and raw and not overly produced.

Nosferatu (1922) – The original vampire, enough said.
Why it’s scary
– He’s disgusting, has an army of plague ridden rats and he has to kill to survive. The fact that it’s a silent film and relies only on music to set the mood is amazing.

 The Blair Witch Project (1999) – The originator of  found footage films. Three kids venture into the woods to  document local legend and never return.
 Why it’s scary – Being lost in the woods is everyone’s  worst nightmare. Add in a supernatural force that you never  actually see, but seem to have it out for you, make it all the more terrifying.

 The Birds (1963) – Socialite follows her beau to his small  hometown only to be caught in a barrage of bird attacks.
 Why it’s scary – The fear is that this could happen  anywhere, there is never any explanation as to why the birds  attack in the first place. Plus, who wants to have their eyes  pecked out?

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Once Upon A Time Makes Good On Its Promise of No Happy Endings

Well, we haven’t been this disappointed since high school prom night.

We had such high hopes for ‘Once Upon A Time’ – and, hope is something you need to have, or so they drilled into our heads repeatedly over an hour. The sweeping panoramas and scenery shots in the opening scenes made us giddy with excitement. Even Snow White’s glass coffin was a work of art worthy of the big screen.

Sadly, that’s about where the love affair ended – one minute in. It seemed like they blew their budgetary load in the first two minutes of the show, only to fill the other 58 minutes with mediocre special effects – we’re looking at you blue fairy.

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