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The SurlyGurls Countdown to Comic Con

Now that Awards Season is over, it’s time to start booking our vacation time off for the best season of the year: Convention Season. Like angry, dirty bears emerging from their caves in the winter, so to will the nerds be venturing from their parent’s basements to seek out exclusive collectibles and action figures to get them through the long winter nights.

Since our first pilgrimage to San Diego Comic Con in 2010, we’ve come to fully realize what an amazing thing it can be to gather with like-minded nerds to celebrate the popular arts! Anyone who has read our ‘Confessions From A Couple Of Nerdy Girls‘ post, will know how much we LOVED Comic Con. So much so, that this year we will be attending not only SDCC, but also Chicago’s C2E2 and Toronto’s Fan Expo.

First up is C2E2 in a mere three weeks from now, April 13 – 15, at McCormick Place. We have it on good authority (from our friend and fellow blogger Matt Graham) that it is a good god damn time. Maybe not as big and shiny and full of pretty Hollywood faces as SDCC, but a great way to reach out to some of the best comic creators out there.

Having said that, the thing we’re looking most forward to is seeing our favourite Syfy star, Josh Gates, get to come out from behind the moderator’s podium and get his own hour to talk all about his monster hunting adventures.

Aside from that we’re really just looking forward to expanding our graphic novel collections (we’re coming for you Arachaia booth!) and a dream of Andrea’s coming true: getting to heckle and boo that ass-clown Ryan Buell from ‘Paranormal State’. If anyone can force him to tell the secret of his big, bad, vague and often alluded to but never explained “childhood experiences”, its her! There is a reason her mouth is bigger on our little SurlyGurls cartoon!

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Box Office Results · February 12, 2012

So after these many, many weeks of low turnouts at the theatres, after last year’s lowest audience numbers in 16 years – these four movies are what draw out the big crowds!?
These ones!?

You guys made this is the biggest non-holiday February weekend… EVER! Do you know the last time four movies debuted and all of them opened to over $20M? Well, let us tell you – it was Christmas 2008!

We understand Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is essentially obligated to go out and see the latest romantic comedy and/or drama. We also acknowledge that Rachel McAdams is adorable, but all things considered it is still baffling to us that ‘The Vow’ pulled in over $41M. As delightful as McAdams is, Channing Tatum is equally as boring and one-dimensional. How he managed win the heart of McAdams – as well as all those moviegoers – is truly beyond us.

Those of you who weren’t feeling the Heart Day vibes (or Channing Tatum) helped ‘Safe House’ secure that number two spot. People love them some Denzel, so it isn’t too surprising that Washington’s CIA thriller wasn’t very far off the lead, with just over $39M.

You know what else people love – they LOVE them some people flying around on bees! Just like we said! ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’ took off with $27.5M, grabbing hold of the third position.

Oh, and that group of ‘Star Wars’ fans who haven’t yet let their disgust and frustration for George Lucas and his constant greed-driven bastardisation of his sci-fi classic keep them away from the 3D re-release of ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace’ added another $23M to its domestic totals. This makes Jar Jar Binks and friends the fifth-highest grossing movie in North America. That’s ahead of ‘E.T.: The Extraterrestrial’! That shit is just not right!

Here is the estimated breakdown of the weekend totals:


Movie Title

Weekend Gross Total Gross Week
1 The Vow $41,700,000 $41,700,000 1
2 Safe House $39,300,000 $39,300,000 1
3 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island $27,550,000 $27,550,000 1
4 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (3D) $23,000,000 $23,000,000 1
5 1 Chronicle $12,300,000 $40,167,000 2
6 2 The Woman in Black $10,300,000 $35,456,000 2
7 3 The Grey $5,080,000 $42,822,000 3
8 4 Big Miracle $3,900,000 $13,200,000 2
9 8 The Descendants $3,500,000 $70,729,000 13
10 5 Underworld Awakening $2,500,000 $58,900,000 4


New in Theatres · February 10, 2012

Another week behind us and a whole new bunch of movies at the theatres, except it’s actually just a whole lot of the some old stuff. Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds team up for some “who’s working for who!?” double agent espionage crap, The Rock offers up more cheesy family fare and Rachel McAdams delivers another romantic chick flick that doesn’t have a hope in hell of being as beloved as ‘The Notebook‘.

Oh, and George Lucas has thrown Episode I back into the theatres again. Just to show that greedy old bastard what we think of his 3D re-release – we’re going to watch the original trilogy on VHS this weekend! Remaster that, Lucas!!!

Good Luck to you all!

No One Is Safe

Directing: Daniel Espinosa
Writing: David Guggenheim
Starring: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Robert Patrick, Vera Farmiga

Price of Admission will get you: a formulaic thriller about an unsatisfied CIA desk jockey who gets more action than he bargained for when the best agent the agency ever had (until he went rogue) shows up on the doorstep of his Safe House.

Running Time · 115 min
Genre · Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
Rating · R

Believe the impossible. Discover the incredible

Directing: Brad Peyton
Writing: Brian Gunn, Mark Gunn (screenplay/story), Richard Outten (story), Jules Verne (novel)
Starring: Josh Hutcherson, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine, Luis Guzmán

Price of Admission will get you: yet another in which people fly around on bees!! We don’t understand why this is such a magical friggin’ idea for everyone!? There has never been – nor will there ever be – a point in time in which we dream about tooling around the countryside on the back of a bee! But you could see The Rock do it this weekend … in 3-D!

Running Time · 94 min
Genre · Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Rating · PG

“Inspired by true events.” 

Directing: Michael Sucsy
: Jason Katims, Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein, Michael Sucsy (screenplay), Stuart Sender (story)
Starring: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Sam Neill, Jessica Lange

Price of Admission will get you: bland and generic old Channing Tatum trying to win back the heart of his amnesic wife…and using every cliché in the book to do it!
Happy Valentine’s Day, suckers!

Running Time · 104 mins
Genre · Drama / Romance
Rating · PG-13

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Box Office Results · February 05, 2012

The big battle of the weekend was not fought down in Indianapolis, but at the Box Office, where a group of super-powered teenagers took on the legendary boy wizard.

Chronicle’, the found-footage thriller about a group of teenage boys who develop supernatural abilities ultimately took the win with $22M, giving this low-budget flick the fourth-highest Super Bowl debut.

Daniel Radcliffe and his first post-Potter picture did very nicely as well. ‘The Woman In Black’, his spooky supernatural horror film, conjured up $21M over the weekend. Though, story has it that most of the ticket sales came from teenage girls swooning over the grown-up Hogwart’s student. Nonetheless, this is the first time ever that two movies have grossed more than $20M on Super Bowl weekend.

Drew Barrymore and her trapped family of whales grabbed the fourth position. ‘Big Miracle’ pulled in $8.5M for a modest opening. Though ‘A Dolphin’s Tale’, the other recent “awww, poor aquatic mammal” movie had a better opening… proving that people prefer dolphins.
Sorry Drew. Maybe you should have at least put the word ‘whale’ in the movie title.
Just saying.

Here is the estimated breakdown of the weekend totals:

TW LW Movie Title Weekend Gross Total Gross Week
1 Chronicle $22,000,000 $22,000,000 1
2 The Woman in Black $21,000,000 $21,000,000 1
3 1 The Grey $9,500,000 $34,756,000 2
4 Big Miracle $8,500,000 $8,500,000 1
5 2 Underworld Awakening $5,600,000 $54,353,000 3
6 3 One For the Money $5,250,000 $19,668,000 2
7 4 Red Tails $5,000,000 $41,323,000 3
8 8 The Descendants $4,600,000 $65,523,000 12
9 5 Man on a Ledge $4,500,000 $14,700,000 2
10 6 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close $3,925,000 $26,793,000 7


[ Image Credit: 20th Century Fox ]

New in Theatres · February 03, 2012

This weekend a sinister ghost lady, another sinister ghost lady, a family of trapped whales and some super-powered teenage douchebags take on the SUPER BOWL!! Who will win?! Harry Potter or the Patriots!? The Giants of the Sea or the NY Giants!? Let’s take a look at what Tom Brady and Eli Manning are up against.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Directing: James Watkins
Writing: Jane Goldman (screenplay), Susan Hill (novel)
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Janet McTeer, Ciarán Hinds, Emma Shorey

Price of Admission will get you: Harry Potter brandishing an axe and a candlestick against a sinister ghost lady in this spooky old-fashioned Hammer Film.

Running Time · 95 min
Genre · Drama / Horror / Thriller
Rating · PG-13

What are you capable of?

Directing: Josh Trank
Writing: Max Landis (screenplay), Max Landis, Josh Trank (story)
Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Alex Russell, Dane DeHaan

Price of Admission will get you: a found footage flick about a group of teenagers who gain superhuman abilities and then immediately demonstrate why teenagers should not have superhuman abilities.

Running Time · 83 min
Genre · Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Rating · PG-13

A family of whales trapped beneath the ice. One unforgettable rescue.”

Directing: Ken Kwapis
Writing: Jack Amiel (screenplay), Michael Begler (screenplay), Thomas Rose (book)
Starring: Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, John Pingayak, Ahmaogak Sweeney

Price of Admission will get you: another inspirational true story about troubled marine mammals; like last September’s ‘Dolphin Tale‘ only with Gray whales… and Drew Barrymore. Don’t worry, there will be all the same opportunities to try to hide the fact you’re crying like a baby!

Running Time · 107 min
Genre · Drama / Romance
Rating · PG

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Box Office Results · January 29, 2012

Alpha Male Liam Neeson and his bloody Man vs. Nature action flick dominated the Box Office this weekend. Neeson’s past box office wins with 2008’s ‘Taken’ and 2011’s ‘Unknown’ proved that audiences love watching him kill people. Now we also know that moviegoers love watching him slay bloodthirsty wolves!

The other two newcomers, ‘One For The Money’ and ‘Man On A Ledge’, also fell victim to tough guy Liam Neeson with weak openings. Though, that probably has more to do with the fact they both looked terrible.

The Katherine Heigl vehicle came in at #3 with just under $12M. Perhaps the cute no-name male co-star was part of the problem (but only a very little part). We certainly don’t think Heigl is good enough to carry a movie herself, and when you pair her with “that guy from that dinosaur tv show… you know, the one that was cancelled…” it’s just not enough.
(Sorry Jason O’Mara. We liked Terra Nova…)

Speaking of not good enough, Hollywood’s baffling love affair with Sam Worthington continued with ‘Man on a Ledge’. Too bad no one else feels the same way about him, his flick pulled in $8.3M for a #5 debut. The only positive thing we can say about this movie is that he is FINALLY sporting something other than that stupid crew cut!

Here is the estimated breakdown of the weekend totals:

LW TW Movie Title Weekend Gross Total Gross Week
1 The Grey $20,000,000 $20,000,000 1
1 2 Underworld Awakening $12,500,000 $45,126,000 2
3 One For the Money $11,750,000 $11,750,000 1
2 4 Red Tails $10,400,000 $33,780,000 2
5 Man on a Ledge $8,300,000 $8,300,000 1
4 6 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close $7,145,000 $21,106,000 6
16 7 The Descendants $6,550,000 $58,848,000 11
3 8 Contraband $6,500,000 $56,400,000 3
5 9 Beauty and the Beast (3D) $5,345,000 $41,147,000 3
6 10 Haywire $4,000,000 $15,279,000 2


Complete List of 2012 SAG Awards Winners!

'The Help' wins best Cast in a Motion Picture.

Listed below are the winners in film and television categories for the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.
(They may help you when you make your Oscar picks!!)


Male Actor · Lead:
Jean DuJardin · The Artist

Male Actor · Supporting:
Christopher Plummer · Beginners

Female Actor · Lead:
Viola Davis · The Help

Female Actor · Supporting:
Octavia Spencer · The Help

Cast in a Motion Picture:The Help

Stunt Ensemble · Motion Picture:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

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