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Spring T.V. Premieres – Mar. 6, 2012

We can not explain how excited we are for tonight’s premiere! After waiting and hoping and wondering if the show would survive into it’s second season, ‘Breaking In’ is back!

FOX has brought back the quirky show about the coolest private security company of all time to round out their Tuesday night comedy lineup at 9:30 PM. It’s the perfect pairing with our beloved ‘New Girl’.

Seriously, we would KILL to work for Contra Security. We love the collection of super nerds and outcasts on the team…we would totally fit in! Also, we’re fiercely loyal to our favourite actors and we love our boy Bret Harrison (check out this amazing short film he was in.)

Don’t forget, ‘Raising Hope’ has moved into it’s new time slot on FOX starting tonight as well. You can find the kooky Chance Family on at 8 PM now.

Midseaon T.V. Premieres – Jan. 17, 2012

It’s mid January, which is apparently the most depressing time of the entire year. You’ve received all your Christmas credit card bills and now you need a distraction? There are some great distraction options on the television tonight!

The CW is branching out into the ‘reality’ t.v. world with the series premiere of ‘Remodeled’ at 9 PM. From what we can tell, the premise of this show is some former superstar modeling agent is trying to makeover a bunch of small town agencies so the big names don’t destroy them. Sounds really, really boring to us.

Our favourite Geek Goddess returns to FOX tonight at 9 PM. ‘New Girl’ is finally back and we can not wait to see what Jess has in store for Schmidt’s birthday party. While we love Zooey to pieces, we’re willing to admit that Schmidt is one of the funniest characters on the show! We really want them to bring back that ‘Douchebag Jar’. He really, really needs it!

Also premiering tonight:

Southland – TNT 10 PM
Justified – FX 10 PM
Ink Master – Spike 10 PM

Also returning tonight:

Glee – FOX 8 PM
90210 – The CW 8 PM
Raising Hope – FOX 9:30 PM

Tuesday Night’s T.V. Premieres!

Day two of the big premiere week! Here’s what is coming on tonight for your viewing pleasure!

We are big fans of the always adorable Zooey Deschanel, so we will definitely be tuning into New Girl tonight. And this is the last chance we are giving Glee to stay in the T.V. roster, because lets face it, last season was super weak.

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Surly Gurls Predict the Emmy Winners

Awards season is upon us once again. And to kick it all off is a celebration of one of our most favourite things in the world – television!

Everyone in the T.V. industry will be getting all gussied up for the evening’s events and we can’t wait to see what hilarious host Jane Lynch will be wearing. She cleans up real pretty-like compared to her insane character’s collection of tracksuits on Glee.

But let’s face it people, the best part of the entire awards season is to make bets with your friends on who’s going to win each category. Not to mention it’s a great excuse to buy mass amounts of junk food and booze and hangout on the couch all night yelling at the T.V.

Here are the major categories – you know the ones that will actually get aired – and who both of us think will win. Or in some cases that we think SHOULD win.

Outstanding Comedy Series

WhitneyModern Family – Almost the entire cast is nominated for their acting, they have one writing nomination and three directing nominations. Even though I really, really wish someone would show a little love for Parks and Recreation one of these days. That show is genius.

AndreaModern Family – The collection of quirky and over-the-top characters is a virtual jackpot of comedy gold! The fact that anyone who even walked by the set is nominated seems to indicate that Emmy has noticed this as well.

Outstanding Lead Actor – Comedy

WhitneyJim Parsons – I dare anyone to find a character more hilarious than Sheldon Cooper. Not to mention the fact that you can hate, love and feel bad for him all at the same time is amazing. Although, I have a feeling they may throw this award at Carell as it is the last time he’ll be nominated for The Office.

AndreaSteve Carell – Let’s face it; Steve Carell made this show. He’s been nominated year after year and has yet to win. Hopefully this Sunday Steve Carell will get the one thing that Michael Scott so desperately wanted – some love!

Outstanding Lead Actress – Comedy

WhitneyAmy Poehler – This is a purely biased, probably wrong, choice and I don’t care. I want her to win. It’s time to share the wealth Tina Fey.

AndreaMartha Plimpton – From fiercely sarcastic to oddly naïve and sincere, she is always hilarious and passionate. I wish I could be friends with her character Virginia Chance in real life … sadly that is not the case. So, to soften that blow, I would give Martha the statue!

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