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The Dictator reacts to Oscars ban

Yesterday, The Republic of Wadiya Media and Admiral General Aladeen released this video response to being banned from the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday.

His Excellency begins with a pretty cheery greeting for the “Great Satan of America”, but then he quickly turns on the crazy. Sacha Baron Cohen and his Kramer wig (both on his head and chin) go on and on about injustice and freedom of speech and Hilary Swank… and who knew Admiral General Aladeen was such a Meg Ryan fan?

And it’s not like we don’t get what Sacha Baron Cohen is doing. We do. But, holy shit! It’s getting boring! It’s the same routine. A bunch of sexist and racist jokes delivered by some strangely adorable character who doesn’t know any better. We saw in ‘Borat’ and ‘Brüno’ and here it is again in ‘The Dictator’. Don’t get us wrong, we think Cohen and his movies are funny, but it’s just we’re already bored with ‘The Dictator’ and the movie isn’t scheduled to be released until May!

…Granted, his sign off is funny.


New in Theatres · November 23, 2011 [Thanksgiving Edition]

Its time to play the music. Its time to light the lights. Its time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight.

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in the ol’ U.S. of A. and as a result the theatres are being flooded with family-friendly movies. Even the Muppets are back! Thanks to Jason Segel and some pretty serious love for cheeky little felt creatures.

Why battle the Black Friday crowds and run the risk of being that one poor bastard that gets trampled to death at the local Wal-Mart? Go check out one of these fine family films instead!!

Happy Turkey Day!


They’re closer than you think.”

Directing:  James Bobin
Writing: Jim Henson (characters), Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller (screenplay)
Starring: Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper

An evil oil tycoon plans on drilling for that black gold under the old Muppet Theatre!! It’s up to three determined fans to rally the Muppet gang and save the theatre before it’s too late!

Price of Admission will get you a Muppets movie full of all the hilarious jokes, crazy musical numbers, and strange moments that made the Muppets so adored by generations.

Running Time · 98 min
Genre · Comedy / Family / Musical
Rated · PG

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