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Under the Tree Treasures · For Him


Men’s cologne inspired by the one-and-only Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek.

Is your special man a very social animal with a blatant disregard for the ‘Prime Directive’? Is he passionate, stubborn and brimming with sexual confidence?

Well, set your Phasers to stunning because Shirtless Kirk Cologne for Men is the perfect gift for that Star Trek fan on your list.

The legendary James Tiberius Kirk knew that sometimes there is just too much awesome to be confined within that form-fitting Starfleet uniform. He wasn’t about to let his attire hinder his ability seduce the ladies of the universe, jump into hand-to-hand combat situations or conduct diplomatic relations with alien species.

This cologne presents a refreshing citrus tone with an earthy finish, also tenderly blended with exotic, yet familiar fragrances create a scent that is truly irresistible.

Grab a bottle of pure sexuality for your man and boldly begin your own Mission!

Official Star Trek Store – Shirtless Kirk Cologne for Men ($29.99)

You go slow, be gentle. It’s no one-way street…you know how you feel and that’s all. It’s how the girl feels too. Don’t press. If the girl feels anything for you at all, you’ll know.

– Captain James T. Kirk

Under the Tree Treasures · For Her


Plan your next trip around The 'Verse with these Blue Sun Travel Posters

While you’re spending time in your bunk, why not dream of some of the most amazing places in the ‘Verse?

These fantastic and amazing travel posters will inspire you to travel to the Eavesdown Docks for some shady dealings on Persephone; or to head to Jaynestown on Higgins’ Moon to see the rebuilt ‘Hero of Canton’ statue and partake in some hearty Mudder’s Milk.

With two different sets of 5 posters your favourite Browncoat can dream of the day when they too can set out on an interplanetary adventure. And at such an affordable price you won’t have to smuggle an entire ship’s worth of cattle to order them! – Blue Sun Travel Poster Set ($29.99)

“Sihnon isn’t that different from [Persephone]. More crowded, obviously, and I guess more complicated. The great city itself is… pictures can’t capture it. It’s like an ocean of light.”
— Inara Serra, Serenity

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