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Under the Tree Treasures · For Her


Nothing beats curling up with a good book after a big Christmas dinner

Once all the turkey and pie is eaten and the family has finally left your living rooms, what better way is there to unwind than with some of the year’s best science fiction? The good people over at are more than ready to help you fill your brand new E-reader with distant lands and far-off times.

Nothing says the holidays are over like a tale of robotic uprising and machine-on-human domestic violence. For the lady on your list who likes her machines menacing and bent on world domination why not buy her ‘Robopoclypse: A Novel’ by Daniel H. Wilson.

If flesh-eating zombies are more her taste, one of the year’s most talked about sci-fi books, ‘World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War’ by Max Brooks, is your best bet. There’s nothing quite like reading how the human race once again fought its way back from almost total annihilation.

The master of horror, Stephen King, released his newest novel only a month ago now, making it easy to assume your sweetie hasn’t read it yet. 11/22/63: A Novel’ is a time-traveling drama in which an average joe tries to stop the assassination of JFK. Why can’t our local diner have a portal through time in its storeroom?

2011 has been a great year for science fiction and fantasy writing and the lady in your life probably needs something to help her unwind from the turkey basting and tree-trimming of the holiday season. – Various Science Fiction Titles ($7.99-$19.25)

Under the Tree Treasures · For Him


Take your game to the next level.

After the stress of the Christmas crunch everyone needs a little time to unwind and relax. Once all the gifts are opened and there is a little down time before the big dinner, why not spend some quality time with each other and engage in a good ol’ fashioned board game!

But wait! Why not elevation his entire experience by taking his board gaming into the third dimension!

Strato Chess takes the sophistication and strategy of the “King’s Game”, and then requires players to manoeuvre their pieces across three individual boards, travelling across both a horizontal and vertical plane.

Not only is the game play now more intense and tactical, the stylish playing field with its brushed aluminium and black crystal squares makes it look like it belongs more in Ten Forward of the starship Enterprise than your family room. – Strato Chess ($39.99)


Under the Tree Treasures · For Him


Men’s cologne inspired by the one-and-only Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek.

Is your special man a very social animal with a blatant disregard for the ‘Prime Directive’? Is he passionate, stubborn and brimming with sexual confidence?

Well, set your Phasers to stunning because Shirtless Kirk Cologne for Men is the perfect gift for that Star Trek fan on your list.

The legendary James Tiberius Kirk knew that sometimes there is just too much awesome to be confined within that form-fitting Starfleet uniform. He wasn’t about to let his attire hinder his ability seduce the ladies of the universe, jump into hand-to-hand combat situations or conduct diplomatic relations with alien species.

This cologne presents a refreshing citrus tone with an earthy finish, also tenderly blended with exotic, yet familiar fragrances create a scent that is truly irresistible.

Grab a bottle of pure sexuality for your man and boldly begin your own Mission!

Official Star Trek Store – Shirtless Kirk Cologne for Men ($29.99)

You go slow, be gentle. It’s no one-way street…you know how you feel and that’s all. It’s how the girl feels too. Don’t press. If the girl feels anything for you at all, you’ll know.

– Captain James T. Kirk

Under the Tree Treasures · For Her


Plan your next trip around The 'Verse with these Blue Sun Travel Posters

While you’re spending time in your bunk, why not dream of some of the most amazing places in the ‘Verse?

These fantastic and amazing travel posters will inspire you to travel to the Eavesdown Docks for some shady dealings on Persephone; or to head to Jaynestown on Higgins’ Moon to see the rebuilt ‘Hero of Canton’ statue and partake in some hearty Mudder’s Milk.

With two different sets of 5 posters your favourite Browncoat can dream of the day when they too can set out on an interplanetary adventure. And at such an affordable price you won’t have to smuggle an entire ship’s worth of cattle to order them! – Blue Sun Travel Poster Set ($29.99)

“Sihnon isn’t that different from [Persephone]. More crowded, obviously, and I guess more complicated. The great city itself is… pictures can’t capture it. It’s like an ocean of light.”
— Inara Serra, Serenity

Confessions From a Couple of Nerdy Girls

My name is Whitney, and I am a nerd.

My name is Andrea, and I am a nerd.

If you’re a frequent reader of our SurlyGurl blog, it will be no surprise that we are huge nerds.

Together we have done pretty much the opposite of what a sponsor is supposed to do. Instead of helping each other get over our dependency on all things nerdy we have just enabled them to grow deeper and deeper.

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Conspectus · Sci-Fi Cupcakes!

Prepare for some scrumptiously geeky treats! If there is something we Surly Gurls love it’s Science Fiction… and CUPCAKES! So, we’ve put together a gallery of a dozen seriously awesome sci-fi themed cupcakes! All of the fun yet none of the calories!!

It’s win-win… except we do really want to eat up all those delicious, delicious calories!! Mmmmmmm!!!!


Korina over at Wild Streak Treats made these cupcakes for her friend’s birthday. Yet we would trade them all for a hand phaser, or a good solid club. On second thought, these are too delicious to trade for any weapon!


Keeping with the Star Trek theme, we’re jumping to TheRealJim down at DeviantArt who created these as part of a #StarTrekking DeviantArt assignment. Seven of Nine, you are so sexy in cupcake form!


Vivian created these incredible cupcakes for her husband’s birthday!! Her blog-o-rama has tons of up close and personal shots of all of the cupcake characters. What she has done here should make HER the Hero of Canton!!

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Home Sucks! Top 10 Vacations You’ll Never Take

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

Traveling is one of the greatest things we as human beings do. We explore and wander and experience everything that our amazing planet has to offer. But, wouldn’t it be great to do all those things on a different planet altogether? Here are the planets we would most like to visit. Hurry up and get Virgin Galactic up and running Mr. Branson!

10. Fhloston Paradise (The Fifth Element)

Okay, so not technically a planet, rather the coolest cruise ship ever. You’re greated like you are in Hawaii with beautiful girls giving you fancy flower necklaces and then are whisked away to your luxurious room to freshen up. We imagine the food is outstanding and we all know that the entertainment is top notch. As long as no one shows up and starts shooting the place apart, it’s the greatest vacation we’ll never have.

9. Magrathea’s Factory Floor (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

Nothing would be more awesome than getting to design your very own planet. Not to mention just riding through the factory with Slartibartfast would be insanely inspiring. Seeing all those planets being created would be the single most amazing experience. The rest of the planet seems to be an icy hell with a whole lot of portals, but if that is the way they kept their planet factory a secret, so be it. We’ll give it points as well for the wicked planets and moons that can be seen from the surface.

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