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Under the Tree Treasures · For Her


Nothing says YUM like cupcakes...especially ones that look like robots!

There is no rule stating that your Geeky Goddess can’t also be a Domestic Diva. And if you’re lucky enough to have a lady that likes to bake for you, these adorable cupcake molds are perfect!

It’s only a matter of time before the robots go all Cylon on us, so we may as well get some delicious treats from them first. Seriously, cupcakes in the shape of robots…how does it get any better than that?

These awesome little silicone molds are even able to turn their heads, perfect for displaying them at holiday parties. Each set includes four differently coloured molds. Now all we need are actual robots to bake the cupcakes for us! – Yumbot Robot Cupcake Molds – ($17.99)

Under the Tree Treasures · For Him


Stewie Griffin loves him some booze!

As we discussed previously, boys love their beer. And if you’ve decided to get your special man some “loud mouth pops” for the holidays why not dress up his refreshing beverage in one of these outstanding pint glasses from!

Everyone’s favourite evil baby is showcased in this ‘Family Guy’ set of glasses. Instead of his elaborate plans to kill Lois or take over the world, each pint glass features one of Stewie’s favourite drinks, recipes for ‘Stewie’s Victory Espresso Chill’, ‘Stewie’s Diaper Detail’, ‘Stewie’s Moo Cow Punch’ and ‘Stewie’s Evil Monkey’.

Why that baby has four favourite alcoholic beverages is beyond us…

You won’t need the Lasso of Truth to know that your beau loves this Pint Pack! This set of pint glasses are printed with the classic comic cover art of DC Universe heavyweights Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Perfect for enjoying a cold one in one’s Fortress of Solitude!

Keeping with that retro feeling, may we suggest the Atari Arcade collection? Everyone loves the simplicity of a game that’s primary purpose is to achieve the highest score. Those delightfully catchy beeps and bings, the ground-breaking 8-bit graphics, who doesn’t want to relive those days through glassware!? Set features Asteroids, Missile Command, Tempest, and Centipede.

This set only has two glasses, but they are awesome enough to rival the four-piece sets! One glass has Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle, while the other features Sloth yelling, “Hey you guys!”. Personally, I would like to see a “Mikey’s got to go to the bathroom” glass… but that’s just me.

Each pint holds 16 ounces.  Glass.  Hand wash.  Measure 6 inches tall x 3.5 inch diameter.  – Various Pint Glass Sets ($14.99 – $24.99)


SurlyGurls Give Thanks For Our Favourite Pop Culture Contributors

As the Americans celebrate another successful harvest with football and food, we SurlyGurls would like to give thanks for these entertainment icons and their outstanding collection of contributions to the Pop Culture landscape.

The following purveyors of Pop have inspired us from a very young age and have had a huge impact on our love and appreciation of creative media. And for this; we give thanks!


Andrea’s Thank-you:

Dinner and a Movie was the big birthday treat when I was growing up and my first trip to the movie theatre was for my 4th birthday – the movie was E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. I was all dressed up and dragging along my beloved E.T. doll. I love this movie. I could watch over and over. The friendship between Eliot and E.T. is beautiful, the film is touching and genuine and skilfully crafted. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want an adorable alien botanist as a friend! This one theatre trip ignited my passion for movies and the movie-going experience as a whole, despite the fact there may or may not have been a mini (major) emotional breakdown when E.T. gets sick.

Jaws was also hugely popular in my house growing up. Between my brother’s consequential obsession with sharks and me and my sister’s secret crush on Matt Hooper, that movie was in the VCR non-stop. It was responsible for three kids running around the house singing sea shanties and proclaiming we were going to need a bigger ­(insert just about anything and everything here).

Jurassic Park was another big movie-going experience for the family. We all piled into the car and drove over to the local movie theatre. We were there SUPER early in order to get tickets. We waited in line for over an hour, and then crammed into that packed and humid theatre. I mean, I remember the first time I saw the TRAILER for this movie!? A commercial!! It was during the Oscars and I thought I would die of anticipation long before the June 11th release date. I will never get sick of this movie. Ever! In fact, the scene when everyone first gets a glimpse of the Brachiosaurus eating from the treetops is so incredible; I still get goose bumps!

Ironically, I put off writing this article for a couple hours because Jurassic Park was on television… also on another side note; this movie still holds my record for most theatrical viewings.

Whitney’s Thank-you:

My biggest thanks to Mr. Spielberg is probably for writing The Goonies. That movie is one of those classics from childhood that just kind of stays with you throughout your life. The people I met in college, and who became my best friends, and I were brought together by our love of that movie – it’s how we refer to ourselves. We really were a bunch of misfits and outcasts brought together to fight the evils of Journalism school. Having said that, the man has given us so many memorable, thought-provoking, emotionally-charged movies it’s incredible! E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was the first movie I ever saw in the theatre and the first character I ever fell in love with – this extraterrestrial creature was so sweet and kind and friendly. I had to sneak out of my house and defy my mother (which was a ballsy move back in the day) to see Jurassic Park – and it was worth it. Who else could make a ripple of water so terrifying? His work has to be some of the most iconic, quoted and referenced in the world.
Goonies never say die!

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Home Sucks! Top 10 Vacations You’ll Never Take

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

Traveling is one of the greatest things we as human beings do. We explore and wander and experience everything that our amazing planet has to offer. But, wouldn’t it be great to do all those things on a different planet altogether? Here are the planets we would most like to visit. Hurry up and get Virgin Galactic up and running Mr. Branson!

10. Fhloston Paradise (The Fifth Element)

Okay, so not technically a planet, rather the coolest cruise ship ever. You’re greated like you are in Hawaii with beautiful girls giving you fancy flower necklaces and then are whisked away to your luxurious room to freshen up. We imagine the food is outstanding and we all know that the entertainment is top notch. As long as no one shows up and starts shooting the place apart, it’s the greatest vacation we’ll never have.

9. Magrathea’s Factory Floor (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

Nothing would be more awesome than getting to design your very own planet. Not to mention just riding through the factory with Slartibartfast would be insanely inspiring. Seeing all those planets being created would be the single most amazing experience. The rest of the planet seems to be an icy hell with a whole lot of portals, but if that is the way they kept their planet factory a secret, so be it. We’ll give it points as well for the wicked planets and moons that can be seen from the surface.

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