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Spring T.V. Premieres – Mar 23, 2012

If you’re one of the few people not flocking to the theatres tonight to see ‘The Hunger Games’, you’ll be happy to know that the small screen does have some excitement in store for you!

The big news tonight: Castiel is back!!! Everyone’s favourite not-so-naive-anymore angel returns to ‘Supernatural’ in tonight’s episode airing on the CW at 9 PM. In our opinion, he’s been gone WAY too long and this news is ALMOST enough to keep us away from the theatres as well…almost. God love the PVR!

Everyone’s favourite dimension-jumping crime-fighting team is back tonight at 9 PM on FOX when ‘Fringe’ finally returns with a whopping 8 new episodes in a row. While we think JJ Abrams is a freaking genius and we love a good multi-dimensional sci-fi story, we’ve fallen out of love with ‘Fringe’ lately. Oh, we’ll watch it to the end, as we are fiercely loyal, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it axed from the schedule next year.

Midseason T.V. Premieres – Jan 6, 2012

It’s bound to be a magical night on Syfy tonight. You can return to Camelot at 10 PM with the premiere of ‘Merlin’. The Arthurian sorcerer is back with more epic battles and secret spells. Who doesn’t like cheap special effects and british accents?

Returning after the holiday hiatus are our favourite demon hunters, The Winchester Brothers. We can’t wait until 9 PM for ‘Supernatural’ to return to The CW. How much more can these guys handle?! We can’t wait to see what kind of retribution Dean rains down on those Leviathans!

Also premiering tonight:

Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta – TLC 9 PM
Portlandia – IFC 10 PM

Also returning tonight:

Nikita – The CW 8 PM
A Gifted Man – CBS 8 PM
Blue Bloods –  CBS 10 PM

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