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Summer T.V. Premieres – June 7, 2012

Remember the good old days when season finales meant you got to escape the grasp of your television for a mere 3 months of the year? You got to get outside and enjoy the company of actual people? There are so many premieres happening tonight it’s like September has come early…only with really shitty offerings.

Apparently NBC and FOX are competing to have the absolute worst take on the “Dating Game”. NBC will be creating some kind of terrible Frankenstein’s monster of reality game shows with ‘Love In The Wild’ at 8 PM. It’s a little bit ‘Survivor’, a little bit ‘Fear Factor’ and a little bit ‘The Bachelor’. At the same time FOX will premiere ‘Take Me Out’, a show in which 30 women will compete for one man by turning a light podium off and on. If that sounds like the worst part, it’s not, this show is hosted by the always irritating George Lopez.

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Frosh Week | ‘It’s Gonna Get a Little Messy Tonight’ playlist

With the passing of the Labour Day weekend, it’s time to bid farewell to our friend, Summer as well as head Back to School!! So much sadness!!

But, not to worry! Because the first week of school means FROSH WEEK!!!

Unless you’re a heading back to high school ….or elementary school, then there is no silver lining for you! But if you work hard and stay in school then some day you too can slack and drink your way to academic probation!!

For those of you entering those glorious college years right now, you can look forward to a fun and welcoming student orientation period that includes a variety of social activities, competitions and events that allows all new students the opportunity to interact with each other and their new surroundings…. while getting completely wasted!

So, in honour of those young adults pursuing a higher education, we present our ‘It’s Gonna Get a Little Messy Tonight’ playlist.

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