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New in Theatres · May 11, 2012

This weekend welcomes only one brave little soilder to challenge ‘The Avengers‘ at the Box Office. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s eighth colaboration brings the updated 60s/70s gothy soap ‘Dark Shadows‘ to the big screen. Though the original was dark and dramatic, they’ve gone the ‘21 Jump Street‘ route and turned it into a campy comedy.

Though, I would be a liar if I told you I’m not looking forward to seeing something along the lines of a blood-sucking Captain Jack Sparrow in a severely manicured hair-do!

Also, don’t forget that Mother’s Day is this weekend! Be sure to do something nice for her!! The SurlyGurls wish all the Moms out there a great day on Sunday!!

Every Family Has Its Demons.

Directing: Tim Burton
Writing: Seth Grahame-Smith (screenplay/story), John August (story), Dan Curtis (television series)
Starring: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter

Price of Admission will get you: Johnny Depp flouncing about the disco era as an out-of-touch, and undead romantic dandy in this fun and stylish reboot of the old vampire soap opera.

Running Time · 113 min 
Genre · Comedy / Fantasy
Rating · PG-13

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Five Vampires That Would Eat Edward Cullen For Breakfast

With the release of Part 1 of the final instalment in the Twilight saga looming on the horizon, its time once again to address what a sad excuse for a vampire Edward Cullen truly is.

Granted, for the most part vampires these days are overly emotional, guilt-ridden porcelain dolls that spend their days lurking the halls of our high schools and dining on woodland creatures and blood bags.

But (thankfully) there are still many movie vampires that embody the violent and savage predatory nature of the traditional mythology.

So, how well would “Sullen Cullen”, the vegetarian vampire measure up to some of these more animalistic undead blood-drinkers? Not very well…

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